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Top 10 Online Casino Names

People ask, “What’s in a name?” when it comes to most things and choosing a name for an online casino is an important thing. It can convey what the casino is all about, it can entice you in with promises of riches and it is perhaps the most important thing a casino can come up with.

So what are our favorite casino names at Casino Answers? Well, we’ve picked our ten favorite names, from the cool and sexy, to the enticing and extravagant, to the funny.

10. Superior Casino

What are we looking for in an online casino? You might say bonuses, VIP program, lots of games – but at the core, we just want the best casino possible, which is what we like about Superior Casino. The name just instills confidence that you’re going to end your session a big winner. Plus, everything about the casino actually makes you feel like a high-roller, so it’s a great fitting name.

9. Titan Casino

The definition of the word “Titan” is just so cool that it really fits the casino and what it’s all about. A Titan was… “Any of the primordial giant gods who ruled the Earth until overthrown by Zeus.” A casino named after a giant god? That’s just unbelievably cool. Titan Casino? It’s a casino of the giant gods. It’s a casino where the rulers of the Earth would play if Zeus hadn’t overthrown them.

8. High Noon Casino

Gimmicks at online casinos are cool. It gives an individual feel to them and can really set them aside from the competition. High Noon Casino gives a clear indication of what the gimmick is – Wild West! Who didn’t want to be a cowboy as a child? Or even as an adult? Cowboys are cool, just look at John Wayne, so High Noon Casino is definitely going to be cool with that name.

7. Nostalgia Casino

Nostalgia is a great thing. Not a day goes by where you don’t think about something that happened in the past, or you complain that things weren’t as good as they used to get. Well, Nostalgia Casino sets out to correct that, starting with the name. You know that if you prefer things from the past, it’s the casino for you. Nostalgia is good, so you know Nostalgia Casino is going to be a winner.

6. Slotastic Casino

Plays on words are always a winner. Slotastic Casino isn’t just a fantastic casino, it’s Slotastic! To be honest, I don’t know where that comes on the scale of things being great, but you’d have to think, for gamblers, that Slotastic is much better than fantastic, or super.

5. 777 Dragon Casino

Is there a luckier name for a casino than 777 Dragon Casino? It’s obviously trying to appeal to the Asian gamblers, but I’ll be damned if I don’t think it’s one of the greatest names out there. It’s as if they just thought, “What could be the most cliché name we could use to get Asian gamblers?” and 777 Dragon Casino was born. Brilliant name.

4. Casino Bellini

I’m a bit biased, as I do like drinking Bellinis when I’m feeling a big flush. But being named after a fancy cocktail is brilliant. You wouldn’t get away with Casino Harvey Wallbanger, but Casino Bellini is just a really cool name. Cool cocktail, cool name, cool casino. Simple!

3. This Is Vegas Casino

If you’ve ever seen the movie 300, you’ll know why I love this casino’s name. I’ve loaded up the casino software and shouted out, “THIS IS VEGAS!”, much to the chagrin of my neighbours. Just because I have an excuse to copy lines from 300, This Is Vegas Casino is right up there in terms of great casino names.

2. Winpalace Casino

When I’m playing at an online casino, I like to win. I also like to win in comfort and style. Where could I win in conditions like that? In a palace! Throw them together and you get the name Winpalace Casino. It’s like throwing two awesome things together to make one even better thing. You know, like tomacco.

1. Juicy Stakes Casino

I love puns. Juicy Stakes have a juicy steak for a logo. It’s funny, but it’s also clever. Plays on words aren’t always easy to make sound clever, but it works at Juicy Stakes Casino. Plus, we have the best Juicy Stakes promotions online, which you can check out here.

If you can think of a better casino name, get in touch and let us know. Or if you disagree with the list, get in touch and tell us what casinos you would rank and where you would rank them.


    Agree with this list? Disagree? Have your own list you want to submit? Leave a comment below.



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