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PlayUp SportsBook: This Australian Bookie Is Becoming a Big Hit In The US

PlayUp SportsBook: This Australian Bookie Is Becoming a Big Hit In The US

The US sports betting market is growing at an incredible pace, with the addition of newly legalised states on a near-monthly basis, and while there are many sportsbook options open to American bettors, not all of them are of the same quality.

There are, of course, the big hitters in the market and newer options that aren’t quite so reputable or attractive. However, one sportsbook that we can happily back comes in the form of PlayUp.

PlayUp originates from Australia, and is a massive player in the sports betting market in their region, and are now proving hugely popular stateside. Pretty much every PlayUp sportsbook review offers them a glowing review, and we can well see why.

Great Sign Up Offers

Every sportsbook looks to use their welcome bonuses as a way to lure in customers, and while some are complex and others just plain dull, PlayUp offers truly wonderful options in this space.

Firstly they offer a $20 no-deposit bonus to all users, and that’s pretty much a free bet for new users. All you need to do is sign up, and they hand you $20 to place a bet, and you don’t even need to make a deposit of your own.

This is a great way to get to know the PlayUp site interface, which by the way, is slick and easy to use both on desktop and on their mobile app.

Secondly, they also give you the option of a 100% deposit bonus offer. Here you get to basically double the amount of your initial deposit, up to $200. This is a very competitive welcome bonus when compared with PlayUp’s rivals.

Plenty Of Ongoing Promotions

As well as making it tempting to join, PlayUp also offers a wide range of promotions for regular users.

These include Reload Mondays, which is essentially a type of deposit bonus; BadBet Tuesdays, which acts as a kind of parlay insurance; and Parlay Boosts, which provide additional winnings for those who complete challenging parlays.

Excellent In-Play Betting

Given that a great many sports bettors do much of their gambling on live events, a good sportsbook needs to have an in-play area that is speedy and reliable and PlayUp has you covered in both regards.

Their live betting facility is well constructed and makes it simple to bet during tense live encounters, which is a great way to make the game mean more. They also offer a mine of statistical data and info to help you make the right bet, which is definitely not a standard part of a sports betting service.

Wide Sports Betting Market

Sports betting enthusiasts tend to come in two types. There are those who keep their betting basic, perhaps backing their NFL team of choice and not much else. A second type will look to take their betting experience to a more expansive level, meaning they’ll bet on anything that takes their fancy, even if that’s Alpine Skiing.

On both fronts, PlayUp has you covered. Their broad sports betting market is also very competitively placed in terms of the odds they offer and the types of bets you can place.

All in all, we can well see why PlayUp is making a splash in the US.

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