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What NHL 2013 Futures/Props Are There?

Well, the NHL 2013 season lockout is finally over – and along with looking forward to getting back to watching hockey, NHL fans are also looking forward to gambling and making some money on the NHL season.

One of the most popular forms of bets is the long-term bets where you bet on results that won’t be known until the season is almost over, or completely over. These are known as Futures Bets.

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NHL 2013 Futures Betting:

We have chronicled a list below of all the possible Futures betting you can do on NHL hockey for the 2013 season, as well as where to bet these futures. Multiple sportsbooks may offer it, but we’ve also listed the best odds for you for that particular category.

We should also note that if you are looking for any NHL Futures Betting Tips, to check out which offers comprehensive betting tips and analysis on everything mentioned below.

Stanley Cup 2013 Winners Betting:

A popular but risky bet is who will win the Stanley Cup. The Pittsburgh Penguins are the favourites, and the odds of +800 are quite good. The Canucks are +1100 and the New York Rangers are +1050. Surprisingly, you can get the LA Kings at +1200 which is great value and probably worth a bet.

All of those Stanley Cup Winners Betting Odds are available at

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Western & Eastern Conference Betting:

One betting option available is choosing who to bet to win the Western Conference or the Eastern Conference. This is a much preferred futures betting option than the Stanley Cup because in the Cup anything can happen. A much smarter bet is usually to bet on the Conference winners.

In the Eastern Conference, the Pittsburgh Penguins are the favourites at +300 odds. The Rangers are another short favourite, while the Washington Capitals have nice +1100 odds which may make them favourable.

In the Western Conference, the one bet you can’t ignore is the LA Kings. The betting odds for the Los Angeles Kings to repeat is +550 which is a huge price at this point. When you consider the two favourites above them are the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks – +550 is a very generous price.

All of these odds are taken from

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NHL Division Betting:

If you think the Stanley Cup and Conference Winner bets are too long term and risky, then you can go for the much more sensible Division betting. Betting on specific divisions is available at 5Dimes(you will need to register/log in).

Currently for example for the Northeast Division, the Bruins are strong favourites at -125. The Buffalo Sabres are +400, the Montreal Canadiens +600, the Toronto Maple Leafs +650 and the Ottawa Senators +700.

NHL Players Awards Betting:

One thing a lot of people don’t know is you can actually bet on who will win specific awards, such as who will win the Norris Trophy, or what goalie is going to take the Vezina Trophy.

Betting on these player props is a huge preference for punters wanting to make money betting on the NHL. The odds for these are usually tremendous with a lot of great options for making money if you’re an NHL fan.

Here are the players awards betting options currently available at

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James Norris Trophy Betting:

Erik Karlsson is the favourite to win the James Norris Trophy at 4/1. The Senators defender is up against some stuff competition though with Zdeno Chara from the Bruins at 9/2, and Shea Weber at 13/2.

Vezina Trophy Betting:

The favourite is Henrik Lundqvist at 4/1 odds which is a steep bet. The Canucks goalie Cory Schneider is at 12/1 odds. The Vezina Trophy betting is a popular betting option as the odds are always great.

Rocket Richard Trophy Betting:

Steven Stamkos from Tampa Bay is the favourite to win this at 11/4. Ovechkin and Crosby are next on the list to be the NHL Top Goalscorer at 4/1 odds.

Art Ross Trophy Betting:

If Sidney Crosby can stay healthy then he will surely be a lock for this, and the sportsbooks agree with Crosby 11/4 to be the points leader at the end of the season. Evgeni Malkin is 5/1 which is interesting – but you may wish to cancel both Penguins players out and head for longer odds. The Art Ross Trophy Betting odds for Ovechkin for example are 13/2.

Hart Memorial Trophy Betting:

The MVP is always a tough one – but the bookies have Sidney Crosby at a fairly heavy favourite of 4/1. One awesome thing is you can “bet the position”. What that means is you can bet a defender to win it at 30/1, a goaltender at 5/1 and any forward not listed in the betting options at

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at 11/5. That’s why we highly recommend going with

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for betting any player props.

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