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Space Arcade

Released on September 1, 2016, Space Arcade is a video slot adaptation of the old school brick-and-mortar amusement arcade. Games developer Nolimit City has innovated the arcade video game, no doubt. Thematically, the slot player should look forward to reminiscence about the retro 1980s, especially its arcade halls and polyomino-matching games.

Space Arcade’s rival slots include Space Arcade (October 2015) from SkillOnNet, Tetris Extreme (December 2019) from Red7 Studios, and Tetris Super Jackpots (December 2017) from Bally. This online game is partly named “space” because of its spatial background and partly named “arcade”—an alternative name for an amusement arcade—which refers to the physical location where polyomino video games are played. Seven symbols (yellow polyomino, lime polyomino, turquoise polyomino, cyan polyomino, “X” pentomino, O block tetromino, and tromino) require three winning combinations.

Space Arcade Game Characteristics

Space Arcade has an unframed but partitioned translucent purple-and-light turquoise 3X3 grid, with several exoplanets and other otherworldly geographical features in the background. The game’s nine fixed paylines are numbered on either side of the grid. There are seven symbols, 15 bet sizes, six multipliers, one special feature, re-spins, fixed odds, and regularly pays from X3 to X99.

Space Arcade has one special symbol and six ordinary symbols. The high-paying special symbol: the respin-triggering wild-and-substitute is a yellow nonomino that sprouts white wings.

The ordinary symbols consist of three mid-paying polyominoes and three low-paying polyominos. Mid-paying polyominoes (shapes with twelve, twelve, and six squares, respectively): a lime “W” dodecomino; a turquoise “A” dodecomino; and a cyan hexomino. Low-paying polyominoes (shapes with five, four, and three squares, respectively): a purple “X” pentomino; a purple O block tetromino; and a purple tromino.

The Space Arcade bet sizes: $0.09 (minimum bet), $0.18, $0.27, $0.45, $0.90, $1.80, $2.70, $3.60, $4.50, $9.00, $18, $27, $36, $45, and $90 (maximum bet).
These are the Space Arcade payouts for three winning combinations. Yellow polyomino pays X99. Lime polyomino, or turquoise polyomino pays X27. Cyan polyomino pays X15. “X” pentomino, or O block tetromino pays X4.5. And tromino pays X3.

Whether it has showed up but without any involvement in winning combinations, or it is involved in wins either on its own or as a substitute, any yellow nonomino(es) that appears on the grid first pays out if required before offering re-spins. The number of respins depend with where on a reel the nonomino has appeared—example: a nonomino at the bottom, center, and top of a reel offers three, two, and one re-spins, respectively. Nevertheless, the nonomino will sprout white wings then, during every respin, fly up in nudges. Respins may exceed three, particularly when a winged nonomino reappears at the bottom of a reel during ongoing respins.

The multipliers—X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, and X6—are associated with winning combinations, and are progressively increased by back-to-back wins. Winless spins disable and restart the multipliers except during the respins. The “game rules” mention $50000.00 maximum win; however, the simulated non-progressive jackpot is X535, which is ($90X535) is $48,150.00.

Space Arcade’s good software features include: fast mode, on/off show clock, on/off left-hand mode, game history, guide, and batches of 5/10/25/50/75/100 automated rounds with preset win limits and stop before both 0%/50%/75% balance decrease and 150%/200%/500% balance increase.
The sounds are both magical and otherworldly, especially the alien whispers. There is a crackling sound effect. The animated 3D graphics include glitter effect, ascending and descending space blobs, (dis)appearing sun, rippling planetary orbits, cosmic rays, lighting bolts, and supernova during OMG (“Oh My God”) wins.

Luck in Space Arcade

A game of chance, Space Arcade’s RTP rate is 96.47% and its house edge is 3.53%. Its volatility index is 3/10, while its hit frequency is 25%.

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