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Ice Ice Yeti

About Ice Ice Yeti

Released on November 15, 2018, Ice Ice Yeti is a legendary creature-based Nolimit City-owned video slot. Thematic elements: mythology, folklore, disputable ape, glacier, crystallization, ice blocks, rascal, thaw, and snowdrift. Other mythical or legendary slot games from Nolimit City include: Coins of Fortune (June 2018), Owls (February 2019), Barbarian Fury (February 2020), Gaelic Gold (March 2020), Dragon Tribe (November 2019), Creepy Carnival (September 2016), Poison Eve (December 2019), Thor: Hammer Time (July 2019), Mayan Mayan Wildfire (June 2019), and Dungeon Quest (October 2018).

Ice Ice Yeti’s rival slot games include 9K Yeti (November 2019) from 4ThePlayer, Yak Yeti and Roll (December 2018) from Betsoft, and Yeti Hunt i3D (December 2016) from Saucify. This slot is named after the featured mythical Asiatic primate called Yeti—its Norther American counterpart is called Bigfoot—that inhabits Himalayan glaciers. Nine symbols (Tibetan fox, polar bear, wolf, Asiatic wildcat, “A” ice block, “K” ice block, “Q” ice block, “J” ice block, and “10” ice block) require three, four, or five side by side winning combinations.

Ice Ice Yeti Game Characteristics

Ice Ice Yeti has an extraordinary icy cyan grid that is fitted with progressively revealed reels and rows. A newly loaded game initially shows a 5X3 grid (five reels and three rows). Luckily, any of its two special features can prompt the cell-like ice blocks forming the grid to start thawing, thus enlarging the grid’s dimensions, possibly up to a 5X7 grid (five reels and seven rows). The grid is embedded on a snowdrift within a glacier trough.

Ice Ice Yeti’s winning ways can reach 16807; has ten symbols, 15 total bets, sticky symbols, extra sticky symbols, respins, fixed odds, and regularly pays from X1 to X25.

Ice Ice Yeti has one special symbol and nine ordinary symbols. The lone special symbol, a substituting wild, is an open-mouthed horned cyan yeti with a purple undertone. The ordinary symbols consist of four high-paying rascal symbols and five low-paying ice block symbols.

Rascal symbols: an amused Tibetan fox in an orange icy den; a smiling polar bear in a purple icy den; a pointing smug-faced wolf in a green icy den; and an eyebrow-raising naughty Asiatic wildcat. Low-paying symbols: a purplish “A” ice block; a purplish “K” ice block; a predominantly cyan “Q” ice block; a cyan “J” ice block; and a cyan “10” ice block.

The Ice Ice Yeti total bets: $0.10 (minimum), $0.20, $0.30, $0.40, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $30.00, $40.00, and $50.00 (maximum).

These are the Ice Ice Yeti payouts for three, four, and five winning combinations. Tibetian fox pays X3, X8, and X25. Polar bear pays X3, X6, and X16. Wolf pays X2, X5, and X12. Asiatic wildcat pays X2, X4, and X10. “A” ice block, or “K” ice block, or “Q” ice block, or “J” ice block, or “10” ice block pays X1, X3, and X5.

Ice Ice Yeti’s special features: Yeti Shake and Ice Ice Respin. The Yeti Shake is all about the grid’s icy cells shaking and thawing, thus extending the coverage of the grid by between two and ten cells vertically and horizontally. Therefore, the grid can be elongated from the original 5X3 dimensions up to 5X7 dimensions.

Winning combinations involving a yeti unlock respins, where two or three ice blocks thaw, thereby enlarging the grid’s dimension. Sticky symbols prolong the respins, whereas lack thereof (or a grid full of sticky symbols) terminate the respins. Ice Ice Yeti’s non-progressive jackpot is X8820, which (50X8820) is theoretically $441,000.00.

Like other Nolimit software, Ice Ice Yeti’s usual features include: custom-built for both mobile and desktops; supports 100+ currencies and 19+ languages; a six-month-long game history; user guide; fast mode; switchable left/right-hand modes; and autoplay settings whose 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 1000 number of rounds can be preset to stop after specific win limits, after 0% or 50% or 75% balance decrease, and after 150% or 200% or 500% balance increment.

The ambient music comprises of chirping birds, blizzard winds, and music loop. The sound effects relate with the animated 3D graphics, including cracking snow, shiny white sun rays, roaring and casually blinking yeti, glowing golden “W”, glitter effect, exploding ice blocks, and falling snowflakes. Unfortunately, the rascals’ facial expressions are etched in stone.

Luck in Ice Ice Yeti

The RTP rate of Ice Ice Yeti is 96.16% and the house edge is 3.84%. It is a game of chance whose volatility index is 10, and has 20% hit frequency.

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