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Africa X UP

The August 2021 video slot Africa X UP is a primal African ecosystem-based game from developer Alchemy Gaming and distributor Microgaming. Africa X UP is the first in the X UP series whose second and third slots are Chronicles of Olympus (October 2021) and Bolt X UP (May 2022).

Africa X UP’s themes: savannah ecosystem, native tribe, warriorhood, tribal masks, playing card values, wildlife, and spirit animals. The symbolic “X UP” requires 2+ combinations. “W” shield, warrior, warrioress, elephant, rhino, buffalo, A, K, Q, J and 10 require three, or four, or five combinations.

Africa X UP Game Characteristics

Africa X UP’s special features: X30000 bet multiplier; re-triggerable and buyable free games, with collectible progressive X2 to X25 eight-level “X UP” multipliers; reel-long “W” shields; and 243 left-to-right winning ways (both ways for “X UP”) for side-by-side combinations.

A hilly semi-arid savannah, whose dusty eroded topography has scant acacia, forms the background of the Africa X UP’s transparent but unpartitioned 5X3 grid. Under “quick bet” icon, Africa X UP has ten total bets: $0.30 (minimum bet), $0.90, $1.50, $2.10, $3.00, $4.50, $7.50, $10.50, $15.00, and $21.00 (maximum bet).

Under the “advanced” button, the 20 total bets are: $0.30 (minimum bet), $0.60, $0.90, $1.20, $1.50, $1.80, $2.10, $2.40, $3.00, $3.60, $4.20, $4.50, $6.00, $7.50, $9.00, $10.50, $12.00, $15.00, $18.00, and $21.00 (maximum bet).

Africa X UP’s two special symbols: the free games-activating and collectible scatter is a fiery off-white “X UP” that also boosts the mode’s eight multipliers; and the substituting wild is horn-embedded white-and-golden “W” shield.

Africa X UP’s ten ordinary symbols: a towering bare-chested African warrior beside his spirit animal lion; a poised African warrioress beside her spirit animal cheetah; a green-lit elephant; a blue-lit rhino; a purple-lit buffalo; shield-embedded yellow A; mask-embedded brown K; mask-embedded green Q; armband-embedded green J; and purple 10.

Africa X UP’s payouts self-adjust. Three “X UP” pay X2. Three “W” shields pay X5, four “W” shields pay X3.3͘͞, and five “W” shields pay X5. Three warriors pay X1.3͘͞, four warriors pay X2.6͞, and five warriors X4. 6͞.

Three warrioresses pay X1.6͞, four warrioresses pay X2.3͘͞, and five warrioresses pay X4.3͘͞. Three elephants pay X1, four elephants pay X2, and five elephants pay X4. Three rhinos pay X0.83͞, four rhinos pay X1.6͞, and five rhinos pay X3.6͞.

Three buffaloes pay X0.6͞, four buffaloes pay X1.3͘͞, and five buffaloes pay X3.3͘͞. Three A pay X0.6, four A pay X1.16͞, and five A pay X3. Three K pay X0.5, four K pay X1, and five K pay X2.6͞.

Three Q pay X0.4, four Q pay X0.83͘͞, and five Q pay X2.3͘͞. Three J pay X0.4, four J pay X0.83͘͞, and five J pay X2. Three 10 pay X0.26͞, four 10 pay X0.6͞, and five 10 pay X1.3͘͞.

Each round’s two “X UP” symbols are relocated to the left, where, upwards, they lighten one “X” out of the 1-5 Xs for the free games’ multipliers: 2X multiplier’s “X”; 3X, 4X and 5X multipliers’ “XX”; 7X and 10X multipliers’ “XXX”; and 15X and 25X multipliers’ “XXXXX”.

Three “X UP” offer eight free games—can be multiplied by the unlocked multipliers; also buyable for X10 stake—plus two free games when two “X UP” reappear. The non-progressive jackpot (21X30000) is $630000.00.

The mobile-enabled HTML5 game Africa X UP has: quick spins; game history; and 10X, 25X, 50X or 100X auto spins. The on/off sounds: ambient Afro tribal instrumental; and drumming, tribal song, crackling and jingling effects. Animated 3D graphics: glowing, gushing coins, and blazing symbols.

Luck in Africa X UP

Africa X UP is a game of chance. Its eleven sets of RTP rates range from 95.92% to 96.49%; the house edge is from 3.51% to 4.08%. Average: 96.37% RTP rate; and 3.63% house edge.

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