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4 features of a secure online casino


When we provide financial information or other sensitive information that can identify us, it’s imperative to ensure that the service we use guarantees secure storage of this information. It’s not just online casinos that this applies to; if you shop online, bank on a mobile app or provide any information that could identify you, ranging from your date of birth to your home address, you want to ensure it is secure.

Security in online casino gaming has extra emphasis because not only do they store your personal information, but your credit card information and other financial information is usually held on the same server. Due to the ruthless and relentless competition within the global online casino industry, it could only take one data breach to completely destroy a company’s reputation, so security is treated with the highest priority.

#1 – Consistency

A reputable name goes a long way in any business, especially in the online casino market. Part of reputable consistency stems from a longstanding reputation that has proved secure, has solid standing among customers and has a server that has never suffered a significant breach. Luckily, dozens of casinos fit this bill.

As more casinos rise to prominence in countries such as the United States and Canada, they continue using the latest pioneering secure technology. Given the number of casinos now operating on the North American continent, and with this figure set to continue to grow throughout this decade, Caxino Casino Canada is among the reputable casinos Canadians can use that ensure security is an integral feature of their platform.

Whether they employ the latest firewall security on site or outsource the task to top global companies, casinos must ensure that their service remains reputable and secure. Using this as a foundation, they can deliver consistently for existing customers and those looking to sign up.

#2 – Good news reports

If a casino is subject to a significant cyberattack, you won’t have to go far to find information about it. Most recently, BetMGM was subject to a significant cyberattack, which is expected to cost the company somewhere in the region of $100m. Not only is the monetary cost challenging to swallow but the long-lasting damage this will cause among casino players could be a permanent fixture moving forward.

Many bettors and ex-customers have now switched to companies that have been able to keep information secure. So, not only is it devastating news for the business now, but it could continue to impact their profit margins for years – potentially decades – to come. When looking to use a new casino provider, simply looking on social media or a search engine will give you a glimpse of how highly customers rate the service and how secure their servers are.

#3 – Licensing

Casinos operating online in North America must show where they’re licensed. Many digital casinos are licensed in countries that provide a cheap and secure way to obtain global regulatory clarity. Gibraltar, Malta and Cyprus are the most commonly seen, but a reputable casino with top security often has a license to operate in multiple states or provinces.

By having these licenses granted, it shows that they have strong ties to multiple regulatory bodies, and often, what comes with this is a commitment and a legal requirement to provide the highest levels of security possible. Although some casinos might be operating in good faith, if they are new and only have a handful of reviews and one license issued in Cyprus, for example, this may indicate they don’t have the reputation or security facilities of a more established operator.

#4 – Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

You may have heard of SSL, but every casino with a global, reputable and secure standing within the industry will implement SSL on their site. SSL is the most secure way of encrypting the information on the site. Only the site manager who has the decryption keys can access the information that is stored on the server, so even in the event of a breach, if a casino has SSL implemented into the design of their digital casino, then cybercriminals will not be able to access the data.

In addition to SSL, large casinos will often have a security team that monitors the site on a 24/7 basis. This is why the recent attacks on BetMGM and other big names have been so concerning – given that they’re one of the most prominent names in the American gambling industry, you’d have thought they’d have all of the measures in place to ensure that there would be multiple layers that hackers would need to penetrate before they could access the customer database.

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