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Where To Play Progressive Jackpot Scratch Cards Online

You can play progressive jackpot scratch cards online – but unfortunately not at the majority of online casinos.

Hell – a lot of online casinos these days don’t even offer scratch cards. Why? Don’t ask me! Well actually you can and I’ll quickly state that most casino players don’t find scratch cards that exciting. And on top of that it actually causes people not to play at a casino for longer. Basically it’s all about retention, and online scratch cards actually turn off a lot of players!

Anyhoo – progressive jackpot scratch cards.

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So unfortunately, these days they are very rare. Years ago you could find them on a lot of places but they just aren’t that popular. However there is one place where you can play a progressive jackpot scratch card – Bovada.

The progressive jackpot scratch card they have there is called Triple Wins Star Ticket. Please note they also have a version WITHOUT a progressive jackpot – don’t get confused with that one! You don’t want to be playing a scratch card game thinking there’s a jackpot when there isn’t!

Triple Wins Star Ticket is the only progressive jackpot scratch card worth playing anyway. It’s a really fun scratch card with a nice jackpot.

You can buy up to 10 tickets at a time, and then you have 9 boxes that you need to scratch.

Also we should note if you are a progressive jackpot fan, Bovada actually has quite a few jackpot games. Over 25 games at last count. They have Keno progressive jackpot called bonus Keno, they’ve got Caribbean Stud progressive jackptot and they have an absolute TON of slot jackpots.

If you get bored of Triple Wins they do have OTHER scratch cards but unfortunately none of them have a progressive jackpot. There are some really cool ones though. You can find them all under the “Other Games” section but it’s a bit of a mess there with a wide variety of games. Unfortuantely we don’t know of any way there to filter to just show the scratch cards.

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    Do offline scratch cards have jackpots?

    Sort of. You will see some offline scratch cards that offer a big jackpot prize – but it’s not a progressive prize by any means. It’s just the grand prize. A lot of scratch cards online actually – you will see them advertised as “jackpot scratch cards”. Please note that all that means is they have a grand prize or a big prize and that’s the way they choose to advertise it. None of them actually have a progressive jackpot though. Head to Bovada for the only real progressive jackpot scratch card.

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