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What is Roulette Charting The Wheel Strategy?

First of all lets get this out of the way – don’t even bother with the Roulette charting the wheel strategy. Charting the roulette wheel is something that may have worked in the old days, but in this technological world, there really is no point to it. However the question was asked, so lets answer:

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What is Roulette Charting The Wheel?

Charting the wheel in Roulette means you are keeping track of all the spins of the Roulette wheel for any bias. Perhaps there is a glitch in the online casino software, or there is a mechanical flaw in a live casino roulette wheel, which means there is some sort of bias when it comes to roulette wheel spins.

To chart the roulette wheel, you are making note of all the roulette wheel spins, and what number it lands on. A perfectly balanced roulette wheel would see a number come up on average one in every 38 spins. If a number or sequence of numbers is coming up more often than that, then it’s likely that there is some sort of bias towards those numbers. Perhaps a flaw in the wheel build, or a flaw in the algorithm behind a roulette wheel in online casinos.

However here’s the thing – the casinos actually help you chart the wheel. The majority of casinos, both online and live, will provide a list of the last 10 or 20 numbers that the roulette wheel has landed on. The casinos do this because if you see the number “7” come up 3 times in the last 20 spins, you might think that the roulette wheel is tilted towards that number, and so it is more likely that “7” will come up on the next spin, thus giving the player the advantage.

However that is incorrect. Twenty spins are a relatively short amount of spins. The odds for a 7 coming up 3 times in a row, are the same odds of – oh I don’t know, 12, 35, and 6 coming up. In other words they are completely random, and twenty spins is a very small sample size, and you cannot make any deductions from it.

To properly chart a roulette wheel, you would have to have a sample size of AT LEAST 1000 spins, and even then the chances of being able to deduct a pattern from that amount of spins is very minimal. Charting a roulette wheel requires a lot of work, and quite honestly it’s highly doubtful you will ever find a roulette wheel with any sort of bias. Remember there are many factors to a roulette wheel too, including where the ball is thrown in.

If you MUST try out the charting the wheel strategy, then we recommend live dealer casinos such as Titan Casino. Or if you want to test out the algorithms of various online casinos, well you will want to check out Rockbet Casino and Crazy Slots Casino, both of which use different casino software provider.s

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