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VIP American Roulette

or many high rollers seeking to win big time, fancy user interfaces might not be a priority and complicated game procedures might be discouraging. Luckily for such roulette players, VIP American Roulette is the go-to game, thanks to its bare game mechanics.

Roulette players’ earliest interaction with VIP American Roulette dates back to May 2013 when Valetta-based Betsoft Gaming released a list containing 146 then newly-designed online casino games, including roulette, table games and blackjack. The roulette category features especially VIP American Roulette and VIP European Roulette, which are slightly different variants that, alongside American VIP Blackjack, make up Betsoft Gaming’s VIP series.

VIP American Roulette: Game Review
The telltale name of the game, VIP American Roulette, clearly shows that players can look forward to an experience synonymous with the American roulette. As such, VIP American Roulette has slots for “0” and “00” on its roulette wheel, and their equivalents on the left fringe of its betting layout; this is contrary to the lone “0” on the betting grid and wheel of VIP European Roulette. In fact, the two games are literally similar, but for this characteristic that also alters their house edge and RTP rates.

Other features on the VIP American Roulette betting grid and layout are numbers 1 to 36, which is also marked with these bet types: possible three-way outcomes 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12; and possible two-way outcomes 1-18, 19-36, Even/Odd, and Red/Black.

The VIP American Roulette game procedure, which has an accompanying auto-cue, involves placing bets by tapping the wanted betting chip and bet type consecutively, clicking the “spin” icon at the bottom centre, and then waiting for the roulette ball in motion to determine the winning values. The minimum and maximum table limits in VIP American Roulette are $10 and $1000, respectively. The betting chips at the bottom left range from $0.25 to $500, including $1, $5, $25, and $100.

The highest paying bet type in VIP American Roulette is Straight Up, which offers 35 to 1. On the other hand, the bet types associated with even chances—ranging from Even/Odd to Red/Black to 1-18/19-36—have the lowest payouts, which is 1 to 1. The following are the rest of the payouts alongside their relative bet types: a Split Bet has 17 to 1, a Street Bet has 11 to 1, a Corner Bet has 8 to 1, a Line Bet has 5 to 1, and a Dozen/Column Bet has 2 to 1.

Although creeping featurism (adding game features excessively) is nonexistent in the VIP American Roulette software, the game is, nevertheless, vulnerable to constant crashes whenever a player pauses for a few minutes while playing. The game has eye-catching 3D graphics, but fitting it with background music and other relatable sound effects (there is a chipping sound only) would have broken the otherwise monotonous aura.

VIP American Roulette: Game Strategy
This is an offshoot of American roulette, which implies that the return to player rate of VIP American Roulette is 94.74%, while the house edge of the casino game is 5.26%. In this game, the impact of luck outweighs any imaginable strategy.

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