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Realistic Roulette

Realistic Roulette has not only grabbed gaming fans by the lapels because of its hands-on gaming experience and its developer’s pioneering creativity, but also has set a high bar for rival developers. Realistic Roulette, which was released on July 26, 2018, is an Internet casino game with characteristics of a tabletop game. The aim of Realistic Roulette players is to guess the next landing spot of the white roulette ball, and then spin to determine whether it is a correct or wrong prediction.

Realistic Games Limited, which is a Berkshire-based games developer, could not have created a more unique game and livened up roulette variant. Although Realistic Roulette fits the term one-of-a-kind game in the gaming industry, it is not entirely made from scratch—based on the user’s control of the view of this game at least. There is a similarly designed video slot called Black Ice from Realistic Games that had been released two months before the launch of Realistic Roulette, and which partially inspired Realistic Roulette.

Realistic Roulette: Game Review
The Realistic Roulette grid has 36 numbers— including a “0”—which are demarcated by both three 12-number rows and three 4X3 groups of twelve numbers each; the “0” aside, these numbers also have contrasting colors—grey and red. Playing Realistic Roulette can be summarized thus: select, place, and spin.

First, Realistic Roulette players select their desired betting chips by pressing the “0.5” betting chip at the top-left, which is, indeed, a pop-down menu that reveals more colorful betting chips; the $0.5 chip aside, there are also $2, $10, $25, and $50 chips.

Second, the players position the chosen betting chips on the Realistic Roulette grid by tapping accordingly; the stake automatically appears at the topmost section, on the “bet” sign beside the “balance” sign. The toolbar has “X2” and “X” (cancel) buttons and an icon for “go back” that enable quick actions. The final step is clicking the play icon at the right side of the toolbar so as to prompt the roulette wheel, which is above the betting grid, to start spinning.

The minimum bet is $0.50 for all bet types, except Dozen, Column and Even Chance that require $2.00 minimum. The Even Chance bet type has the highest maximum bet—$600.00. Realistic Roulette payouts range from X2 for an Even Chance to X36 for a Straight Up. However, maximum payouts can vary from one casino operator to another because it Realistic Roulette is configurable.

The la partage rule aside, the actual selling point of Realistic Roulette is realism: there are excellent 2D and 3D graphics, which can be switched back and forth, thanks to using WebGL technology. This technology is also compatible with various web browsers, particularly Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari. Desktop, mobile phone, and tablet users enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience. The animation and sounds, particularly the female audio prompter, are superb. Realistic Roulette supports two major languages only—English and Chinese—which can be a limiting factor.

Realistic Roulette: Game Strategy
Realistic Roulette has a low house edge of between 1.35% and 2.7%, and a high RTP rate of between 97.3% and 98.65%, which overshadow the fact that this is a game of chance.

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