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Where To Play Progressive Jackpot Roulette

It may seem crazy – but there actually IS such a concept as Progressive Jackpot Roulette. That’s the awesome thing about online casinos – they are always coming up with new concepts for standard games.

One of those is adding a progressive jackpot to the basic game of Roulette.

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The actual concept of it is very simple – it offers a special side bet that you can place if you wish. If it loses it is added to the progressive jackpot. And if it wins – boom, you just won the progressive jackpot.

You will find it at – where else? All Jackpots Casino. Those guys and their jackpots – soon they’ll add a progressive jackpot just for loading up their casino.

It’s known as Roulette Royale within the casino and the progressive jackpot roulette has an incremental payment system which is pretty awesome. Winning the progressive jackpot – well the odds are rather nuts, but with the increments it makes it a lot better.

So you bet 1 credit at Roulette Royale. Let’s use the number 23 for example. If the number 23 hits twice in a row, then you win 15 credits, or 15x your initial bet.

If the number 23 hits three times in a row? Boom, you win 200 times your initial jackpot bet.

Four times in a row for 23? Then you will win 3,000 credits. So a $1 bet would get you $3,000.

What if five times in a row is hit? That’s the big one – you win the Progressive Jackpot.

So it doesn’t matter what YOU bet on the table – nothing you bet changes anything. It won’t affect the jackpot side bet in any way. In saying that you can work out some strategy for later spins – if 23 has hit three times in a row, then you would want to bet every number EXCEPT 23.

Roulette Royale takes place with standard European Roulette rules, except for the Roulette Progressive Jackpot obviously. It uses a European Roulette table, and all bets are the same. Everything is standard European Roulette, except with the addition of the progressive jackpot.

This is one of many unique roulette games available at All Jackpots. They even offer multiple wheels of Roulette with 8 wheels at once, and also multi-player roulette allowing you to play online with your buddies.

Please note that Roulette Royal is only available in the downloadable casino at All Jackpots Casino. So head on over to All Jackpots Casino and get winning that progressive jackpot.

The online gaming franchise is increasingly developing a niche at a significant pace. Progressive jackpot is gradually taking charge as far as roulette gaming is concerned and a notable portion of gaming enthusiasts definitely loves the idea. The concept may be tricky but once you understand what progressive jackpot roulette is including how it works, you will know for sure if you are the best candidate for this kind of gaming.

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A roulette is a casino game where players can choose to place their bets on a single number or a list of numbers, colors (red or black) or whether the bet will be an even or odd number. The roulette table most of the times grant minimum and maximum bets and these rules depending with the play usually apply distinctively for the inside and outside bets a player has for each spin. To determine the winning bet, a wheel spins in a certain direction and a small ball inside the wheel spins the opposite direction running around the tilted circumference where it loses momentum and fall on to a slot. If the player chose the number or color, that is the winning bet.

Progressive Jackpot

This is a jackpot for gaming machines especially video poker and slot machines. The jackpot value within these machines – in this case progressive jackpot roulette increases by a small percentage on each game unless the jackpot is won. What is done is multiple gaming machines are linked to form a massive progressive jackpot that grows rapidly as several players simultaneously contribute to the jackpot. All wagers that play the particular roulette game contribute to the jackpot, whether or not they make maximum or minimum bets.

How to qualify

Usually only bettors who place bets on maximum number of credits on each play qualify for the jackpot. A game that requires a 10 credit wager to qualify for the increasing jackpot tend to have the amount rise to greater levels compared to one that requires just a 5 credit bets to qualify.

Jackpot varies from game to game. With roulette machines, if a bettor is on the lucky side and gets to spin specific combination, the payout will be triggered and he or she will receive the amount that is displayed on the machine at that particular moment. A progressive jackpot roulette win will reset the new total to a specific minimum amount once the jackpot is won. The amount of cash will then be determined by the amount of time that has passed before the next winner; with some sites having the jackpot hit seven figures which is enough to change a life in a matter of minutes or sometimes seconds of play.

How Progressive Jackpot Roulette works

The progressive play varies depending on the gambling site where the game play is similar to traditional European or American versions. The popular fact is that top prizes grow over time and gamers are required to place a side bet that is used to fund the overall cash reward waiting for the fortunate player. What happens is the players are supposed to wager extra credit on top of the initial bet so as to increase chances of winning by chasing various levels of the progressive jackpot. If the wheel gives the same combination in a set number of times (statistically improbable), the maximum payout is won.

Although games offering the progressive jackpot are increasing at a gradual pace, the idea still scares some of the players since they believe that the game is already tilted in favor of the house, which may not be the case. It is for this reason that players ought to do their research well before signing up with an online gambling site to avoid a rip off. Make sure that the company is legit to guarantee you a fair play.

Progressive jackpot is for gamblers who are patient and don’t mind staring at long odds for them to pocket the grand prize. These jackpots are enticing as they lure more gamers meaning increasing figures in the progressive amount. Who knows, maybe you are the lucky player who gets to walk out with hundreds of thousands even millions. Take your time and spare the moment to wager the tiny chance of a massive win.

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