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NewAR Roulette

Developing multi-wheeled roulette variants seems to be an in thing among games developers, but there is a roulette variant that has been uniquely revamped without necessarily resorting to extra roulette wheels. Read on about the trend-setting NewAR Roulette, especially its exclusive special bets that supplement the standard bets.

NewAR Roulette, which was released in May 1, 2012, is an Internet casino game made by the Douglas-based games developer named Playtech plc. The naming of NewAR Roulette is shroud in mystery but popular opinion suggests that “NewAR” is a homonym of “newer”.

The initials AR means that Playtech passes it off as an Augmented Reality game, but it does not live up to that classification. Nevertheless, NewAR Roulette players do enjoy its oomph as they spin the roulette wheel, hoping that the ball will pinpoint their wagered pocket.

NewAR Roulette: Game Review
NewAR Roulette is modelled on the European Roulette, which means that its symbols— black, red, green “0”, and numbers 1 throughout 36— have equivalent representations in the roulette wheel. Placing bets in NewAR Roulette involves dragging, by clicking, the betting chips over the targeted places on the betting grid. The game starts after pressing “Spin” icon, which can come after pressing “Confirm Bets” in some NewAR Roulette models.

A special aspect about NewAR Roulette is its outside bets, which lets players predict outcomes through combinations of Even Red-colored plus the zero or Odd Black-colored plus the zero. These two unique features are located at the bottom of the grid, on either side of the black and red diamonds. Furthermore, the “More Bets” icon at the bottom right leads to the final bets (0 to 9), either complete or half-complete.

The outside and inside bets in NewAR Roulette have a universal table minimum of $1, whereas the maximum bets are from $25 to $500. Straight Up, Split, Street, and Corner or Four bets have $25, $50, $75, and $100 maximum, respectively. Line bet needs $100 maximum while Column/Dozen bets and combination bets (either Even and Red or Odd and Black bets) need $250 maximum. Two-way bets (1-18 or 19-36; Red or Black; and Even or Odd) need $500 maximum. NewAR Roulette has $1000 table maximum.

The standardized range of gaming chips in NewAR Roulette is $1, $5, $10, and $25, but there is a modified model with $0.01, $0.1, and $0.5 too. The payouts for Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner or Four, and Line bets are 35:1, 17:1, 11:1, 8:1, and 5:1 respectively. Betting on either an Even Red-colored outcome or Odd Black-colored outcome gives 3:1, whereas NewAR Roulette players get 2:1 in case a “0” comes up. Betting on the standalone outcomes (Red/Black; Even/Odd; and High or Low) offers 1:1.

NewAR Roulette has nary a progressive jackpot, and can seemingly be played on a desktop computer only. It boasts of a circular chart with customizable roulette playing patterns at the bottom and a rectangular chart on the right corner that shows the betting history, coverage percentage of the betting table, and a record of recent winnings and losses in white and red.

NewAR Roulette: Game Strategy
When the special bets are factored in, the RTP rate in NewAR Roulette, a game of chance, is a lowly 94.60%, whereas the house edge is 5.40%. Avoiding these specials bets lowers the house edge to 3.6% and increases it’s RTP to 96.4%.

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