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What Is The Best Strategy for Roulette?

We have a very comprehensive roulette section here at Casino Answers – mainly because we get a lot of roulette questions. No surprise as roulette is such a popular casino game.

Both online and offline – roulette gets people going all the time. It’s right up there with Blackjack and slots when it comes to popularity.

One question we get quite often is:

What Is The Best Strategy for Roulette?

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First here’s the deal – this is not an easy question to answer. Well, it sort of is. If you want to win money at roulette and want to know the best strategy? It’s simple – don’t play roulette! It’s a casino game and it’s not designed to win you money.

Now if your goal is to ultimately lose as little money as possible while playing roulette? Then flat betting is the way to go. Boring, right? But systems like the Martingale, reverse martingale, and D’Alembert really just don’t work. While you my have some better short term games, in the long term you’re going to be going absolutely bust.

We wish we could tell you different. You might read all these websites online telling you about the best strategy for roulette, and how it can win you money. It’s crap. Some complicated betting system involving spreading your bets, doubling up etc? Crap. It won’t work and it’s just a recipe for disaster.

Some sort of cheat software to help you to beat online casinos at roulette? Or software that tracks the numbers and tells you when one is due on a hot streak or cold streak? Crap, pure crap! Sorry but it’s true. The only thing the software tracking numbers doing is saving you from buying a notepad and pen to use to track them.

When it comes to beating roulette – you can’t; simple as that. And the best strategy is to stay away from the tables.

But let’s spin this a little; what’s the best strategy for Roulette while having fun? That’s a better one. You go to the table, you know the odds are against you – but you want to have some fun. And if you win money then that’s a bonus.

Again – systems like the martingale aren’t for you. The best thing to do is short odds bets with a few long odds one.

For example – bet on red or black. Or even or odd. Or hell go for a columns bet. Basically a bet that is 1/2 chance of coming in(approx) or 1/3. Then mix it up with a few numbers bets.

For the numbers – online, what I recommend is tracking the numbers that come up and placing your bets based on that. Will it help? No – but holy crap do you feel like a boss when it comes in.

And if playing live – some people will start to chase numbers, betting on them all the time. That’s what I’d recommend doing – bet the same numbers as them. Then it becomes a community game. The funnest time I’ve had at a casino playing roulette is with 6 people all chasing and cheering on the #9 – and after 90 long minutes it finally came up and we just went mental.

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