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Mobile Let It Ride

So you want to play Let It Ride on your mobile device eh? And you’d like to do it at one of the many online casinos out there.

Well I’ve got good and bad news in that regard.

The bad news is that from every online casino I checked – none of them actually offer let it ride on their mobile casino. I mean most online casinos actually offer let it ride – just not for mobile. It requires extra coding for a casino game to be available on a mobile device and yeah unfortunately nowhere seems to have it yet.

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So yeah if you’re looking to play let it ride at an online casino on your ipad or android device you’re SOL.

That’s not to say there aren’t options though.

The first option, and the one I’d recommend is getting yourself signed up at Lucky Red Casino. Not only is this one of the best online casinos which offers a $4,000 welcome bonus, but it’s one of the most secure and trustworthy online casinos.

It offers downloadable options as well as the ability to play in your browser. They have a great let it ride game as well called Let Em Ride.

However we’re looking for mobile Let It Ride right? Well unfortunately Lucky Red and no other online casinos offer it however they DO offer Tri Card Poker.

Tri Card Poker is fairly close to Let It Ride and from my experience – quite a few Let it Ride players like it better than Let It Ride. Of course some don’t like it as much – it’s generally 50/50.

Honestly the best thing to do is head on over to Lucky Red Casino and try it out. Their mobile software is great and they allow you to play for free so you can try it out. Tri Card Poker, or Three Card Poker is very easy to play.

Quick crash course – Tri Card Poker for Dummies:

There are two separate types of bets you will make which are the Ante and Play bets. You will place all the bets on teh table and then you are given three cards as is the dealer. You can then choose to either continue in the gmae based on your hand or fold. Strategy wise you ideally want to play onwards with a Queen high and 6/4 kickers FYI. Nice and simple to remember. Jack high etc should be folded unless it’s 3 to a straight or a flush.

The hands are then revealed and winner wins obviously. Obviously it’s a fair bit different from Let It Ride and you don’t have the same action to it but it’s still fairly fun.

Tri Card Poker isn’t the only table game offered at Lucky Red. They currently offer Blackjack and European Roulette. There’s another version of Blackjack too – Suit Em Up Blackjack and they’re adding more games all the time.

So head on over to Lucky Red Casino and give Tri Card Poker a try. It’s no Let It Ride but it’s still a fairly fun game and you can play for free remember to try it out.

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