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What Proposition Bets Are There in Craps?

Proposition bets in Craps are actually fairly popular bets, which may come as a surprise considering they have the highest house advantage. Prop bet house advantages range from 9.9% to as high as 16.67%. Yet proposition bets are one of the reasons Craps exist – because even though you can place bets on Craps with absolutely no house advantage, the house makes all their money from the proposition bets that Craps players make, because these are the one that attract the action junkies.

And boy, are they fun.

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Let’s cover all the proposition bets that are available in a game of Craps:

Any Seven:

This is a simple bet that the shooter will throw a seven on their next roll. The casino odds for this one are usually 4-1, while the true odds of a seven coming up are actually 5-1. We should note that casinos often advertise this as “5 for 1” payout, which is the same as 4-1 but just sounds more enticing. The general rule for this is that for every chip you play and win, you will receive 5 chips back. Of course, one of those casino chips are one that you originally bet.

Any Craps:

The Any Craps bet is where you bet that the shooter will roll either a two, a three or a twelve on their next roll. The payout odds on this one are 7-1, while the true odds are 8-1, so the house advantage on this bad boy is a whopping 11.1%.


Simple bet – you’re betting that the shooter rolls a 12 on their very next roll. Want to spot a new Craps player at the table? If they bet this, then they’re fairly new to Craps. The odds of a 12 on the next roll are 35-1, and the casino offers odds of just 30-1. However the 30-1 is very appealing to new betters who don’t know the game better, which is why you will often see people gamble for this on a regular basis. The house advantage? 13.69%. That 30-1 still sounding appealing?


The two bet has you betting that the shooter will throw a 2 on their next roll. The odds of this one are also 30-1, while the true odds of a 2 turning up are 35-1.


Eleven, which is nicknamed “yo” due to it being easily confused in the noise and action with seven, is a bet that an 11 will be the next number rolled by the shooter.


Betting on “Three” of course means you are betting that the shooter will roll a total of 3 on their next dice roll. The true odds of this one is 17-1, while 15-1 is the odds the casino usually offers.

Horn Bet:

With a horn bet, you are betting that on the next roll of the dice, either a 2, 3, 11 or 12 will come up. The bet payout differs on what number comes up. If a 3 or 11 is rolled, you get 3 times your original bet. If a 2 or 12 rolls, you get 7 times the bet minus one quarter of the actual bet. This is another bet to be careful of – while the horn bet sounds appealing, the house advantage is in double figures at 11.1%.

Hard Ways:

If both dice come up displaying the same number, that is called a Hard Way, and then you have separate names for Hard 6, Hard 4, Hard 1 and Hard 8. Two and Twelve are not considered hard numbers because the only way you can make them is with a double anyway. Hard way bets are broken into the following:

Hard 4, Hard 10, Hard 6, Hard 8

When you make these bets, you are hoping to hit any of these before a soft combination comes up, or a seven comes up. For example if you bet on a Hard 4, you are hoping for two twos to come up on the dice. If a three and one come up then that is a soft 4, and you will lose your bet.

The payouts on these differ, for example a hard 4 will usually be a 7-1 payout, while a hard 6 payout is 9 to 1. You are best betting on the Hard 6 or Hard 8 as their house advantage is only 9.09%, while a Hard 4 and Hard 10 payouts are 11.1%.

Craps-Eleven Bet:

The final Craps prop bet, a Craps-Eleven bet is also known as a C&E bet. This is a one-roll bet that the shooter will throw a 2, 3, 12 or an 11 on their next roll. You will win 3 times your bet if a craps rolls, and 7 times your bet if an 11 rolls.

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