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Craps can accommodate up to 20 players at live casinos. Each player gets a round of throws (or shooting) of the dice. You may bet on the thrower instead of throwing the dice yourself. Many different types of bets can be made on the table. The house crew includes two dealers, a stickman and a boxman.

The first roll in a round is the Come Out roll. Each new game of Craps begins with the Come Out roll. A Come Out roll is only made if the previous shooter does not make a winning roll, which means to fail to make the Point or seven out.

A new game will begin with a new shooter. If the shooter does not make his Point, he will get the dice back and he can make a new Come Out roll. This is a continuation of his shooter’s roll.

If the shooter fails to make his Point, the dice are offered to the next player in rotation for a new Come Out roll. The rotation will move in clockwise around the Craps table.


The dice are rolled across the Craps table. The layout of the table is split into three – two side areas separated by one in between. Each side area is the mirror reflection of the other and contains the following: Pass Line Bets and Don’t Pass Line Bets, Come Bets and Don’t Come Bets, Odds Bets, Place Bets and Field Bets. The area in between is shared by the side areas and contains Proposition Bets.

Pass bets win when the Come Out roll is 7 or 11, while pass bets lose when the Come Out roll is 2, 3 or 12. Don’t Pass bets lose on 7 or 11 and win on 2 or 3. Don’t Pass Bets tie when the Come Out Roll is 12.

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