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What Craps Superstitions Are There?

One question I keep getting asked is what superstitions are there, when it comes to the casino game Craps. It seems a lot of people believe in the gambling gods and curses, and that there are certain things that you can do which will influence the dice – in a bad way, of course.

Hey, who am I to judge? Here are a list of popular Craps superstitions, many of which I’ve been told by Craps players who can’t believe their 30-1 bet didn’t come in:

Don’t yell “seven”: Did you know the craps dice have ears? They apparently do, and if you yell “7!” while the dice are rolling, then they’re going to come up 7 on that very roll.

Dice hitting you: Bad. Very bad. If the shooter tosses the dice while you are still making a bet and the dice hits you then congrats – you just jinxed the whole table.

Don’t change the dice! Often when the dice go off the table, the stickman brings out new dice. Don’t let him! This change of dice will mess the flow of the game, and of course a seven will come out on the very next roll. Be sure to request the same dice if they ever go off the table.

Bet ‘Any Craps’ after a Craps Roll: Because craps rolls come in pairs, and so if the dice come up craps once, then they’re 90000% more likely to come up craps again. That’s right, a 90 thousand percent chance. We’ve did the math.

Don’t yell “eleven”: The dice coming up 11 isn’t bad, but yelling “eleven” is! You see, the dice have ears, however sometimes they are a bit hard of hearing. Their ears usually get clogged up with the sweat off a gamblers hands, and they don’t hear so good. So when you yell “eleven”, they may hear “seven”. Be sure to call for an 11 by its nickname, “yo”, instead.

Aim for the Magic Mirror: If you are the shooter, aim for the mirror on the craps table because if you hit it, then it will land in the favour of the players. Casinos actually try and discourage this claiming it is because it damages the dice and the mirror – but we know the real reason. Dice that hit off the mirror automatically reduce the house edge by a whopping 15%!

Women have the beginners luck: It can be frustrating if you are an experienced craps player and a new player comes to the table – except if that new player is a woman. Lady luck will of course shine on this player, and you should be betting the pass line immediately because no-one has ever lost in this situation in the history of craps.

Don’t play with yourself: Ahem. By yourself, not with yourself. Although yeah – don’t go to a craps table and start playing with yourself either. If there’s a table with no-one playing at it then there’s only one reason for that – because that craps table is running cold. Avoid it at all costs!

Size Matters: When you throw the dice, make sure they roll as little as possible. The more those dice roll, the more chance of a seven coming up.

If you have any more Craps superstitions, please send them in because we’d love to hear them and print them. And be sure to check out Lucky Red Casino. I hear their craps tables are running hot right now!

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    Why do people have these superstitions?

    It’s just human nature. People believe in the magic of the dice, of lucky slot machines and so on. Really it just adds to the fun of the game, and is just another entertaining factor in the game of craps.

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