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Can You Use Bitcoins At An Online Casino?

Bitcoins are the new buzz word in online payments. Online merchants seem to be slowly moving away from more traditional electronic payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller and into the new digital currency known as bitcoin. Now, that is not to say that the older payment methods are going to be gone overnight, but bitcoin is being embraced by the consumers, so the market has to follow suit.

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If you are familiar with bitcoins, you will understand why the market is shifting – the relative anonymity and security of bitcoins over other electronic methods appeals to the public, especially after things like the NSA and electronic espionage have come to light. So a secure, anonymous method of payment was always going to be a hit. Bitcoins came along at the right time.

You can use your bitcoins for a multitude of things at the moment – online shopping, buying a coffee at more niche coffee shops, in-game purchases in many games… but can you use your bitcoins at an online casino?

In a word: yes.

In fact, bitcoin gambling is starting to gather some steam, as new merchants embrace this new currency, in most part thanks to the one feature that sets it apart from its older counterparts – anonymity. Thanks to various pieces of legislation in the United States, it is difficult for online casino users to make wagers online. Many players are unable to make direct deposits to casinos from their bank accounts (unlike most of the rest of the world), and several more traditional electronic banking methods are unable to process transactions to online betting facilities. However, with bitcoins, it does not matter what part of the world you are in, because the shroud of anonymity means you can play at online casinos that accept bitcoin deposits to your heart’s content.

Of course, the other huge benefit to casinos accepting bitcoin deposits is that withdrawals are also lightning fast. Instead of having to jump through hoops to make a withdrawal, providing ID, all other sorts of verification, because of bitcoin’s anonymity, all that is removed, making the entire process smooth as silk. It is, in fact, a real reason that you should consider moving from using ‘real’ cash into using bitcoins as your preferred currency when taking part in online betting.

So, now you know that you can use your bitcoins at online casinos, you need to take a look at them and find out which one is best suited to your online gaming needs. Currently, the two that you should direct yourself to are mBit Casino. Both casinos run on the same software, but have an entirely different feel to them, as you will no doubt see once you pay them a visit. They are focused entirely on allowing you to bet with bitcoins, they are completely secure and fair, giving you the best possible experience when using your bitcoins to bet online.

However, it should be noted that not all casinos accept bitcoin deposits. In fact, most of the traditional online casinos that you will be familiar with do not currently accept bitcoin deposits. This has led to specialized casinos opening that are made for bitcoin wagering.

With bitcoin usage expected to go through the roof in the coming months and years, the number of online casinos that you can use your bitcoins to gamble at will increase drastically, but it is worthwhile finding one or two reputable sites to wager your bitcoins at, because as the number of casinos accepting bitcoin deposits rises, so will the scammers.

Using sites with a trusted backer, such as mBit Casino, will protect you from any problems that crop up.

It is important that you familiarize yourself with bitcoins before you delve into the world of bitcoin betting, but mBit Casino actually guide you through the process, from suggesting a bitcoin wallet that would be suitable for you (and you do need a bitcoin wallet), through to which exchange to purchase your bitcoins on (because you do need to purchase your bitcoins somewhere if you do not already have them). So while the world of bitcoin gambling might seem, at first, a scary and daunting place, the casinos which are embracing it as currency are also holding your hand every step of the way. Of course, if you are already familiar with bitcoins, have some currency in a wallet, it becomes even easier to use your bitcoins to bet with.

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