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Moulin Reels

Moulin Reels is a theatrical September 2022 video slot developed by Reevo whose similar games include Electro Reels (March 2022), Mardi Gras Reels (February 2023), and Super Goals & Reels (November 2022). Themes: dancing, performing arts, silhouette photography, and animal … Continue reading

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Pig of Luck

Pig of Luck is an oriental February 2019 video slot from Betixon whose other piggy games are Lucky Pig (September 2019) and Piggy Gangsters (January 2020). Themes: new year celebrations, Hanzi writing, personification, Chinese culture, and Feng Shui ideology.

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Phoenix Ashes

The July 2021 video slot Phoenix Ashes is an adaptation of (after self-cremation) the self-resurrecting bird Phoenix, a mythological fiery creature. Related to ancient Egyptian Sun god Ra; this ancient Greek sun representation thematizes immortality and rebirth. Other themes: fantasy … Continue reading

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Lucid Fruits: PowerupSpins

On June 27, 2022, Betixon launched its latest retro video slot Lucid Fruits: PowerupSpins that relates to the fruity developer’s 20 Slice Fruits (October 2016). Its classic slot symbols require three/four/five-of-a-kind in its 20 fixed rightward winning ways to pay … Continue reading

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Wild Fudge

The confectionary January 2019 video slot Wild Fudge, from developer Betixon, has themes such as cookies, chocolates, card values, and cakes. The name-inspiring “wild” cake is a fudge—a creamy, sugared, and buttered confection.

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Safari Dreams

The January 2019 video slot Safari Dreams was developed by Betixon whose similar games include Buffalo Dust (May 2022) and Wild Wolf (February 2019).

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Russian New Year

Russian New Year is a merrymaking December 2017 video slot from developer Betixon whose game Great India (March 2020) is also country-specific. Themes: festive season, elegance, gifting, card values, and Russian architecture.

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Pirates of Graveland

Romanticized death, piracy, card suits, treasure, and sea-faring are the themes of the January 2019 video slot Pirates of Graveland. Its developer Betixon’s suchlike games: the personified Piggy Gangsters (January 2020), Viking pirates-related Age of Halvar (June 2020), and real … Continue reading

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Piggy Gangsters

The January 2020 video slot Piggy Gangsters’ developer Betixon has two other pig-based games—Pig of Luck (February 2019) and Lucky Pig (September 2019). Its title refers to the three symbolized and personified pigs: a piggy thief, piggy police officer, and … Continue reading

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Developed by Betixon, the marine December 2019 video slot Octopia’s title is a communal reference to the three featured octopuses. Themes: treasure, card values, marine animals, and personification. Three to five-of-a-kind resulting from nine symbols (purple octopus, green octopus, orange … Continue reading

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