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Where To Play Online Video Poker Tournaments

Unfortunately at this time – there is no way to play a video poker tournament online. No online casinos are currently running video poker tournaments.

I’m unsure as to why that is. Tournaments at online casinos are always a lot of fun, and bring in traffic. You can play slots tournaments, blackjack tournaments, roulette tournaments and more – but you can’t play video poker tournaments online.

I contacted multiple online casinos about it and unfortunately the answer was the same: “We just don’t know if there is enough interest in it”.

Like with anything you want – I guess you have to ask for it yourself. I’d recommend registering over at Bodog and then telling them you won’t deposit until they make video poker tournaments.

Things like that aren’t hard to make -they already have the configuration set up. If enough people ask – they’ll follow through with it. They did that for Baccarat tournaments – they got enough e-mails about it to where they realized there was an audience, and started running weekly Baccarat tournaments.

If any online casino decides to add video poker tournaments then I’ll be sure to update this article.

Meanwhile – let’s talk about other things related to video poker tournaments – such as strategy and how they actually work!

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How Do Video Poker Tournaments Work?

Obviously, the format of a video poker tournament can change depending on the setting, and the rulesmaster, and the amount of people participating.

The common tournament will be a “who can win the most money” in a set amount of time or hands. So you’ll start with 500 chips for example – and then in 20 hands or in the space of 10 minutes everyone plays. At the end of that – the person with the most chips obviously wins.

Video Poker Tournament Strategy:

The main strategy is – assuming you’re allowed to – focus on the other players. Keep tabs on them – not just how much they are up or down, but also how you play. When you start out play the optimal video poker strategy for that particular game and pay attention to the others and how they are playing. It’s like playing online poker – play your opponents.

If they are all playing aggressive you will need to adapt accordingly – if many of you will move onto the next round, then you can play conservative. If it is a “winner take all” situation then you should start conservatively, but be ready to step it up a notch if any of their big risks pay off.

Another popular strategy is the “Royal Strategy” – which means you should always aim for a royal flush. Sounds crazy right? If you’re aiming for purely a royal flush, the chances of you hitting it are 1 in over 20,000. But even if you don’t hit it – you’re still keeping enough face cards that could help you get a broadway straight, or of course some high pairs. This strategy is particularly useful in Jacks or Better.

Note that the strategy for each game differs, depending on the type of video poker you are actually playing.

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