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What Is Video Poker?

If you’ve never played video poker then you are missing out – video poker is one of the best games to play at an online casino, and is one of the most funnest games to play. There is also a wild amount of Video Poker variations, all with their won payouts, own strategies, own skills required and own experience.

Video Poker like slot machines is an electronic gaming machine. Like slot machines, Video Poker utilizes a random number generator to determine the outcome of the hand, just like slot machines use an RNG to determine the outcome of slot machines.

And there’s where the similarities between Video Poker and Slot Machines ends.

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You see, slot machines are the type of game that you can play without even paying attention. It’s really impossible to do any wrong. However Video Poker requires actual strategy, and is actually one of the most skill-related games in a casino. While Video Poker seems simple, it’s easy to make mistakes while playing Video Poker, which will increase the house edge.

Video Poker is actually one game where in some instances, the player actually has the edge. Why would casinos offer a game where the player has the edge? Simple: it is a very small edge, and it requires playing perfect strategy. However the majority of players don’t play anywhere near perfect strategy, trying to get bigger payouts off hands even if it isn’t optimal.

As mentioned, Video Poker comes in a lot of different variations, and if you’ve ever played Five Card Draw then you know how to play Video Poker. The most common type of video poker is Jacks or Better Video Poker. In all types of video poker, you place your bet and then are given five cards. You have the option of “holding” any of the cards you want. You then choose to discard the remaining cards, in exchange for new cards. This will be your final poker hand.

How you win depends on the video poker game of course. In Jacks or Better for example, you must have a pair of Jacks or better. Video Poker uses the standard poker hand rankings. There are however a lot of variations on the payout, based on the type of game you play.

The best way to see all the different types of Video Poker is to check them out for yourselves. Hit up Lucky Red Casino – you can play for free – and see their wide variety of video poker games.

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