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Top Video Poker Tips

Video poker is as fun online as it is in a brick and mortar casino. If you’re hoping to maximize your video poker potential, you should know a few things about the online games.

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You’ll find a greater variety to choose online, as well as classics that offer more lucrative payouts. Those who usually snag a slice of those payouts play responsibly and patiently. Consider a few tips on how to score in online video poker.

Learn and Practice the Game for Free

Unlike other no download casino sites throughout the United States and rest of the world, online casinos offer free play on most all of their games. This is beneficial for them because it costs them next to nothing and beneficial to you in terms of learning the game before laying down your scratch.

Not only do you want to learn the game for free, but you also want to develop winning strategies for free. Any way you can gain an edge on a casino is an edge worth having.

Choosing the Right Online Video Poker Games

Before you make your deposit and begin playing for money, you’ll want to peruse the video poker games available at an online casino. Be on the lookout for payout ratios of 9/6. This simply means that a full-house pays out 9 coins/credits per credit played and a flush pays out 6. You can immediately begin to see the potential of these machines when you consider playing up to 5 credits per hand.

If you’re planning to play progressives, look for machines that offer at least an 8/5 ratio, as well as progressive jackpot that will multiply your play times 10,000 for hitting a royal flush. Though the coveted royal flush is a rarity that many people will never see, it does happen.

If it happens to you, you’ll want to be sure that you’re playing the right machine. In order to be eligible for the progressives, you must play your maximum credits/coins.

Be sure to take your time while playing video poker. There’s no time limit, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re thinking critically on every hand. For added knowledge, you might want to read some tips on what poker games is best for beginners.

Manage Your Bankroll

It’s crucial to establish a bankroll and manage it responsibly if you’re hoping to profit while playing online video poker. Establish limits before you play and stick to them. This self discipline and accountability will eventually lead you to gaming success.

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