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Live Dealer Video Poker

This was an interesting question someone asked us – can you play live dealer video poker online?

Basically you’d tell the dealer what to do I guess. You’d tell them what to hold – maybe you’d click a button to say hold the King of Hearts and they see that and then hold it.

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Or maybe there is a predetermined list of what they hold based on the suggestions that the video poker machine itself offers.

Either way – unfortunately at this time, there is no such thing as live dealer video poker. You can play the likes of Live Dealer Blackjack, Live Dealer Roulette – hell you can even play live dealer poker – just not live dealer video poker.

We reached out to one of the biggest online casinos Slots.LV to ask them why that was the case. I mean we could guess at it – and our guess was right – but always good to get confirmation.

The issue is speed more than anything else. The speed of which a live dealer video poker game can be played is nothing compared to how you yourself could play it at an online casino.

On top of that it’s variety. One of the biggest features of video poker games is the variety. I mean you go to any actual casino or online casino and the selection of video poker games is insane. From Deuces Wild to Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better to Double Jackpot Poker etc. This would force people to be restricted to the one game.

So that is why at this time there is no such thing as live dealer video poker.

However if you still want to play video poker online, we’d highly recommend Slots.LV. They give you an $22 no deposit bonus for signing up so I mean you get to test them out first of all.

Second is their video poker selection. They’re almost like a little known secret on the web – while they’re one of the biggest online casinos most people only know them for their slots.

However they have an insane amount of video poker games. Bonus Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus Poker, Jack or Better, Jacks Or Better 52 Hand, Joker Poker and Loose Deuces are just SOME of the many, many video poker games available at Slots.LV.

Their graphical interface is really nicely set up too so even though you’re not actually playing a live video poker game it’ll actually seem that way.

But yes to answer the question – there is no live video poker games as of yet. And honestly I highly doubt there will be. The logistics just aren’t there. But if it’s something you want, I’d recommend contacting online casinos who offer live dealer games and throw it out to them as a suggestion.

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