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What Superbowl XLVIII Prop Bets Are There?

Superbowl XLVIII is almost upon us, and of course that means some of the funnest and best prop bets you can ever see.

I don’t think any event comes close to the variety and selection of prop bets, as the NFL Superbowl does. Every year, they seem to get even more crazier. 10 years ago people were laughing at the idea of betting the colour of gatorade that the winning coach would be covered in.

Now in 2014 – you just shake your head and get your wallet out because of all the crazy prop bets available.

Probably one of the best places for prop bets is

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. They go absolutely NUTS when it comes to prop bets, and we wanted to highlight some of the more fun ones for everyone.

There are about 500 different prop bets at

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so check them out for more.

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  1. Weather bets. Bet if it will snow, the over/under on the temperature, and the lowest temperature during the game.
  2. Bet on if the power will go out in the stadium.
  3. Whether Renee Fleming will wear gloves, if she does what colour, if she will forget 1 word or more of the anthem.
  4. You knew this one would be in here. Will Knowshon Moreno cry during the anthem?
  5. What will the commentators say more – “Best Offense” or “Best Defense”.
  6. Will they mention the word Marijuana?
  7. Will Richard Sherman recieve a taunting penalty?
  8. If Broncos win, will Peyton retire?
  9. Who will Obama pick to win the Superbowl?
  10. What happens with the Dow Jones after the Superbowl?
  11. What will be higher – Moreno receptions, or goals in the Habs vs Jets game?
  12. What will be higher – Dale Earnhardt Jrs finishing position in Daytona 500, or Russell Wilsons longest rush?
  13. What will be higher – Price saves vs Jets, or Wilsons passing attempts?
  14. The usual coin toss bets

Of course, that’s only SOME of so so many more prop bets. Some are for fun, some are more serious. I recommend trying to bet at least 50 of them then keep track – it’s super fun and it keeps you going during the game.

Please check out

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for more prop bets.

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