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Rush Cars Go

Rush Cars Go is an auto racing-themed Internet casino game developed by a UK-based games developer known as Inspired Entertainment Inc., which once won an award—thanks to its special effects in-house artists. Rush Cars Go is in the list of the organization’s Rush Virtuals Go franchise, which are virtual reality games that also comprises of games such as the horse racing-themed Rush Horses Go, the greyhound racing-themed Rush Dogs Go, and the bingo-inspired Rush Bingo. The virtual race cars in the Rush Cars Go game compete in a virtual race track called Berners Raceway.

Rush Cars Go: Game Review
As this virtual game’s name shows, fancy sports cars are the symbols used in Rush Cars Go, where there are twelve race cars. Impressive vinyl motorsport numbers one to twelve, which include antique olive nord fonts, are used so as to differentiate these cars during the stock car racing. The following are the names of the rally drivers behind the wheels: Bo Baker, Lawrence Day, Jacob Tremblay, Quentin Quaid, Richard Terry, Mathias Robert, Jacob Brown, Leon Weber, Michael Bauer, Gabriel Martin, Finch Foster, and Andrea Romano. Note that some versions of Rush Cars Go substitute these names for others such as Weldon Wilson, Harry Williams, James Beacroft, Darren Rich, Knox Kim, Felix Becker, Darren Rich, and Neil Armitage.

The user guide, which is accessed via the virtual cog at the top right corner, requires players to: one, select their stake from the betting chips; and, two, click on their preferred virtual race car so as to place their bet. They then click the chequered racing flag (“Go!”), which asks them if they sure of the bet that they are about to place and, if yes, the game begins amidst the chugging of powerful engines.

Rush games are somewhat similar; for instance, tapping on a particular category in the main bets sections increases the bet, while tapping the “Undo” button decreases it; clicking on the “Clear” button removes all placed bets at one go. Players can either adjust the bets in the main bets section singly, or place all bets at one go by clicking on a specific betting chip; for instance, clicking the $2 betting chip doubles all bets while clicking the $10 betting chip multiplies them tenfold.

The betting chips start from $0.20 to $200, including $1, $2, $10, and $50. Seemingly, Rush games have similar minimum and maximum payouts, which are $100,000 and $500,000, respectively. According to the in-game currency listing of Rush Cars Go, it can support up to 29 different currencies, ranging from the currencies used by the West to Asian currencies.

Main bets, special bets, bigger returns bet, and biggest returns bet are the four types of bets in Rush Cars Go, and deal with: the favourite race car to win, special categories such as an even numbered winning race car, the first two race cars to win consecutively, and the first three race cars to win consecutively.
Payouts depend with the bet placed and category of bet; for instance, betting $1 on number three as the favourite winner pays $6 while number seven pays $26; race cars with relatively lesser possibilities of winning offer relatively higher payouts. Main bets have the lowest payouts while bigger returns bet have the highest payouts. Rush Cars Go game’s multiplier can increase winnings up to tenfold.

The behind-the-scenes commentator, enthusiastic fans in the stands, the drivers’ standings–which are updated progressively–and the high definition graphics are, to borrow the developer’s selling point, ultra-realistic. The sounds consist of adjustable bleeps, swishing by race cars, and unseen chinking coins.

Rush Cars Go: Strategy
The RTP of this game of chance–forget about any strategy–is 93.5%.

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