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Funky Fruits

Funky Fruits: Introduction
Funky Fruits is an emoji-inspired and orchard-themed high-volatility Internet casino game made by the Douglas-based Playtech plc, which released it in May 2013. Funky Fruits, which is a fascinating video slots game of its kind, has emojis-like symbols that express emotions, although this game is not advanced like Emoji Planet, another suchlike casino game. Funky Fruits has five reels and five rows (a 5 by 5 outline), with twenty pay lines.

Basically, Funky Fruits players seek to match over five symbols, which is referred to as exploding in the game’s jargon; although these symbols must be adjacent to each other, this only applies horizontally and/or vertically, but not diagonally. Exploding more than eight fruits in this multi-jackpot game triggers a specific cut of jackpot, which is calculated based on the stake placed. Players can explode up to 25 virtual fruits.

Funky Fruits: Game Review
The Funky Fruits symbols, which the players are required to explode, are represented by the following six types of fruits. They are an impassive watermelon, curious twin cherries, an ever smiling orange, a sulking lemon, a smirking plum, and an alert pineapple. The minimum and maximum bets for Funky Fruits are regional and also depend with the software version; some versions allow $1 or £1 minimum and $10 or £10 maximum in each pay line ($20 or £20 minimum bet in all 20 pay lines), whereas another version accepts £0.01 minimum (£0.20 minimum bet in all 20 pay lines) and £15.00 maximum bet in each pay line.

To play Funky Fruits, you first place your stake then click the “Play” button, which is at the bottom right side of the interface; this prompts the reels to spin, wherein the fruits stop anywhere randomly. Players can opt to use the Auto Play feature. Funky Fruits has an enticing paytable. Each fruit has its own set of payouts, where players can win in more than twelve different ways. The watermelon has the lowest payout—its smallest payout is X0.4 for 5 fruits—while over 8 cherries have the highest payout, which is a string of several progressive bet-based jackpots.

Watermelon’s payouts are: X0.4 for 5 explodes, X0.6 for 6 explodes, X0.8 for 7 explodes, X1 for 8 explodes, X1.5 for 9 explodes, X2 for 10 explodes, X3 for 11 explodes, X4.5 for 12 explodes, X7.5 for 13 explodes, X12.5 for 14 explodes, X25 for 15 explodes, and X50 for 16+ explodes. Plums pay: X0.5, X0.7, X1, X1.2, X2, X4, X8, X15, X25, X50, X75, and X100 for 5 to 16+ explodes, respectively. Pineapple payouts: X1, X2, X3.5, X7, X10, X15, X25, X50, X100, X150, X250, and X500 for 5 to 16+ explodes. The orange payouts are between X2 and X1000 for 5 to 16+ explode. Payouts for lemons are between X7.5 and X5000 for 5 to 16+ explodes. Cherries pay X50, X500, and X2000 for 5, 6, and 7 explodes, respectively, but 8 to 16+ explodes trigger a quick succession of progressive jackpots.

Funky Fruits has a simple and uncluttered interface; the digital jackpot counter is at the top right side while the Auto Play, bet size, and win are below it; the rules are at the bottom centre, while the Back and Cashier buttons are at the bottom left side. It has lively graphics and hilarious sounds, thanks to fruity computer-generated animations.

On the flip side, players might not pocket the entire jackpot. In fact, the lesser the bet staked the lesser the jackpot percentage offered; for example, staking $1 attracts merely 10% of Funky Fruits jackpot. Furthermore, winning the jackpot is less common because it is once after every 11-14 weeks and its biggest jackpot of about $3.2 million was won in late 2016.

Funky Fruits: Strategy
The RTP and house edge of Funky Fruits are 93.97% and 6.03%, respectively.

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