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Crazy Dragon Progressive Jackpot Slot Guide & Review

Crazy Dragon is a 3-reel, 1-line progressive jackpot slot machine with free spins and a wild symbol. You can play the Crazy Dragon progressive slot at Realtime Gaming online casinos including Bovada.

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The Crazy Dragon slot machine has a Chinese dragon theme to it. Other symbols in the game reflect this, such as the firecracker, ying-yang, bonsai tree and pagoda symbols. There are only six symbols in the game, thus winning combinations are common. The Crazy Dragon slot is presented as a physical slot machine within the online casino. Here is what Crazy Dragon looks like:

crazy dragon progressive jackpot slot machine

To play Crazy Dragon, you must buy some coins. Click the $5, $25 or $100 tokens to purchase coins. You can always cash out and get your money back if you wish to stop playing Crazy Dragon. Once you have coins for the machine, you can then hit “Bet One” to select the amount of coins you wish to play (up to 3) or hit “Play 3 Credits” to play the maximum bet and spin. Each credit is worth the fixed value of $1. After that, you can spin the reels by hitting the “Spin Reel” button. If you get a winning combination on the center payline, you will win a prize.

The Crazy Dragon progressive jackpot slot machine has a special free spins feature that is only activated when you play the maximum bet on a spin. To trigger the free spins (or re-spins) feature, you must get the dragon’s head on the first reel to win 2 re-spins. If you get the body as well, you will win 5 re-spins (total). If you have the tail on the third reel as well, you will win 20 free spins!

Crazy Dragon has an interesting feature that is not commonly seen in progressive jackpot slots. If you are able to win 100 re-spins on a single bet, you will win the progressive jackpot. There is a counter that will keep track of your total number of re-spins. For this to happen, you will most likely have to win 20 re-spins five times over, but you can also pull it off with some 5 re-spins instead. Nevertheless, if you are able to win the progressive jackpot in this manner, you deserve it!

There is also a traditional way of winning the progressive jackpot on Crazy Dragon. You must hit 3 carp symbols in a row on a maximum bet spin. This sounds a lot easier than getting 100 re-spins. Crazy Dragon’s progressive jackpot is usually won around $35,000-40,000, but it can go as high as $138,000! While that would be a once-in-a-lifetime win, we wouldn’t wait for it to get there again before trying to win it.

If that wasn’t crazy enough for you, the Crazy Dragon progressive slot also has a wild symbol – the ying-yang. The ying-yang wild symbol will substitute for any symbol that isn’t the dragon. The ying-yang can come in handy in winning Crazy Dragon’s progressive jackpot!

What is there not to love about the Crazy Dragon slot machine? It’s got a progressive jackpot worth thousands of dollars, a free spins feature and a wild symbol? We also have to admit that we find the tune that plays during the re-spins feature to be a little catchy. To try and win the Crazy Dragon progressive jackpot, visit and sign up at

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    Additional Crazy Dragon Questions:

    If I’m in the United States, can I still play Crazy Dragon?

    USA casino players are welcome to play the Crazy Dragon progressive slot machine at Bovada Casino, as are people from most every other country around the world.

    Where can I go to get a big casino signup bonus to play Crazy Dragon?

    If you’re looking for a huge deposit bonus, you can get a 200% up to $100 signup bonus at Winpalace Casino.

    How do I win Crazy Dragon’s progressive jackpot?

    There are two ways to win the Crazy Dragon progressive jackpot. Both ways require you be making the maximum bet of $3. The first way is to have three fish symbols appear in a row on the center payline. The second way is to trigger the re-spins feature enough times on a single bet to total 100 re-spins.

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