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GEMiX Slot

The jewelry concept on slot games is increasingly taking hold and numerous games developers—among them Multimedia Games, EvoPlay Entertainment, and Play’n GO—have suchlike games that give slot players a bejewelled façade. For example, GEMiX; this slot game, which was released in December 2014, has been developed by Play’n GO. Other gem-inspired games in the developer’s portfolio include Wizard of Gems, Gem Drop, and Jewel Box.

The name GEMiX seemingly refers to the game’s assorted mixture of multicolored and uniquely cut gemstones that symbolize the winning combinations. The GEMiX players aim at matching at least five symbols (or even more than fifteen symbols, if possible) to form side by side vertical, horizontal (or both) world patterns.

How to Mix and Match in GEMiX
Playn’ GO refers to GEMiX, whose reels and rows make a 7X7 layout, as a medium-volatility game. These are the symbols found in GEMiX. First, there are eight differently cut gemstones in its pay table: star-shaped, heart-shaped, half moon-shaped, rose cut, polygon cut, princess cut, trilliant cut, and radiant cut. Second, GEMiX has these caricatures: a mustached wizard, a turbaned Sikh, and a princess. Other symbols are four glistening crystal balls called Crystal Charge—namely nova blast, crystal warp, light beam, and chain lighting (forty Crystal Charges symbols multiply winnings by 3)— a golden hand lamp, a colorful hand fan, and a book with diamond-encased hardcover book.

Immediately GEMiX game loads, players get instructions about its three major parts—Crystal Charge, World Pattern, and World Wild symbols. After these instructions, players click “Continue” to get to the user interface, where they set the bets and then click the “Start” icon at the bottom right. GEMiX players can bet $0.10 minimum bet and $100.00 maximum bet. The other bet sizes are $0.20, $0.50, $0.70, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, and $50.00.

These are the GEMiX payouts for five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10+, 12+, and 15+ matching gems, respectively and in order of seniority. The star cut gem has X0.70, X1.40, X2, X3, X5, X8, X40, and X200. The heart cut gem has X0.50, X0.70, X1, X1.5, X2, X3, X20, and X100. The half moon gem has 0.30, 0.40, 0.60, 0.80, 1.50, 2.40, 10, and 40. The rose cut gem give X0.20, X0.24, X0.30, X0.50, X1.00, X1.60, X5.00, and X20.00.

The polygon cut gem has X0.10, X0.12, X0.16, X0.24, X0.40, X0.80, X2.00, and X6.00. The princess cut gem gives X0.06, X0.08, X0.10, X0.14, X0.20, X0.40, X1.00, and X3.00. The trilliant cut gem pays X0.04, X0.06, X0.08, X0.10, X0.16, X0.24, X0.60, and X.2.00. Lastly, the radiant cut gem pays X0.02, X0.04, X0.06, X0.08, X0.10, X0.16, X0.40, and X1.50. The Sikh, princess, or wizard’s paradise do activate the World Bonus, which increases the regular winnings by 10%. The Sikh and hand lamp, princess and hand fan, and wizard are the Wild/substitute symbols.

GEMiX has a 45, 135 coins non-progressive jackpot. The GEMiX interface is glamorous and user-friendly. The sounds are awesome; especially the rhythmically clinking and falling objects sound effects. The graphics aptly convey glamor, thanks to the fairy tale-like caricatures among them the burlesqued fairy tale character, parodical gems-bearing trees, and gem-lined paths.

Luck in GEMiX
The return to player rate in GEMiX, a game of chance, is 96.83%, while the house edge is 3.17%.

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