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Punk Rocker

About Punk Rocker

Punk Rocker is a February 2020 rock music-inspired video slot developed by Nolimit City. Themes: music genre, anti-establishment, rock band, suburbia, social upheaval, performing art, graffiti, protest music, and body modification. Also from Nolimit City, Harlequin Carnival (April 2020) is another performance-based casino game. Punk Rocker’s rival slot games include: Rock On! (May 2009) from Rival Gaming, Legends of Rock (May 2019) from X Card, and Rock N Roll Night (June 2019) from Dream Tech.

The noun “Punk Rocker” refers to a performing artist or a fan of the sub-genre of rock music called punk rock, which is especially associated with aggression and nonconformists. Contextually, this is a slot game adaptation of the British punk rock. The ten ordinary symbols require two, three, four, or five winning combinations.

Punk Rocker Game Characteristics

Punk Rocker has a 6X3 grid, a minimum of 243 winning ways, unlocking winning ways that can reach 46656 ways, thirteen symbols, 15 total bets, locking and expanding reels, extra reel, jumping wilds, six wild multipliers, extra free spins, respin, three special features, a stack with up to 20-of-a-kind, chain-link fences transforming into wilds, two types of free spins, and regularly pays from $0.5 to $2000.

Punk Rocker has three special symbols and ten ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the wild-and-substitute is a position-changing golden skull biting a petrol bomb and clad in a squash-colored “w” baseball cap; the respin-triggering scatter is a steel “bonus” chain-link fence; and the reel-expanding symbol is a long striped black-and-yellow “xways” road sign.

There are five high-paying and five low-paying ordinary symbols. High-paying ordinary symbols: pierced pink-faced punk rocker Winston Churchill with a yellow-and-black mohawk on a golden-and-red ace of diamond card; pierced turquoise green-faced purple-eyed punk rocker Mona Lisa with a purple-and-black mohawk, a hearts suit on his brow, and on a green background; a pointing and yelling yellow-faced gray chimpanzee in a golden crown, on an orange background; pierced pale blue-faced yellow-moustached punk rocker Albert Einstein with a yellow-and-black undercut, on a blue background; and a pierced and bespectacled orange-faced “bad” punk rocker with receding pink hair, on an olive background.

Low-paying ordinary symbols: a blazing orange circle-A monogram representing the anarchy logo; a yellow-and-gray guitar peddle; a green-and-olive petrol bomb; blue brass knuckles; and a pair of speckled yellow-and-olive Rockstar boots.

The Punk Rocker total bets: $0.25 (minimum bet size), $0.50, $0.75, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $3.00, $5.00, $7.50, $10.00, $15.00, $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, and $100.00 (maximum bet size).

This is the highest betting range of the self-adjusting Punk Rocker payouts for two, three, four, and five winning combinations, based on the $100.00 bet. Punk rocker Winston Churchill pays $100.00, $300.00, $600.00, and $2000.00. Punk rocker Mona Lisa $40.00, $60.00, $300.00, and $1000.00. The chimpanzee punk rocker pays $32.00, $52.00, $200.00, and $600.00.

Punk rocker Albert Einstein pays $28.00, $48.00, $160.00, and $480.00. “Bad” punk rocker pays $24.00, $40.00, $120.00, and $400.00. The circle-A monogram, or guitar peddle pays $20.00, $36.00, $100.00, and $300.00. The petrol bomb, or brass knuckles, or Rockstar boots pays $20.00, $32.00, $80.00, and $240.00.

The “bonus” chain-link fences require two, three, or four combinations. Two “bonus” chain-link fences activate the reels-locking riot respin, wherein they not only transform into wild petrol bombs but also prompt the sixth reel that is accompanied by 729 more winning ways. Three unlock eight “anarchy” free spins, whereas four chain-link fences unlock eight “civil war” free spins. Moreover, the free spins activate the sixth reel’s 729 winning ways, additional free spins, jumping petrol bombs, wild multipliers (between X2 and X25), and the “xways” road sign that has reel-expanding stacks with between two-of-a-kind and 20-of-a-kind. Punk rocker’s non-progressive jackpot is X15072, which ($100X15072) is $1,507,200.00.

Able to support desktops and mobile devices, the good Punk Rocker software has 10-1000 customizable autospins, turbo mode, diverse currencies and languages, 20% hit frequency, and volatility index 9. The theme song is The Clash band’s 1979 song “London Calling” interspersed with smooching, casually chatting rockers, and distant barking dogs. Sound effects: chinking and shattering glass.

The 3D graphics include the rundown suburban setting with skyscrapers in the background, the nostalgic red telephone booth, the rock guitars propped up against the wall with a ‘badass’ rocker among the worn posters, and defaced road signs (e.g. “no limit” sign). Animation includes electric bolts on the smoldering petrol bomb-biting skull with locking and locking chains, and the headbanging Queen’s guard.

Luck in Punk Rocker

A game of chance, Punk Rocker has three sets of RTP rates. The buyable Anarchy Freespin Feature’s RTP rate is 96.54% and the house edge is 3.46%. The buyable Civil War Feature’s RTP rate is 96.44% and the house edge is 3.56%. Generally, this slot has an RTP rate of 96.01% and a house edge of 3.99%.

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