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Candy Spins Slot

The Nassau-based Leander Games teamed up with the London-headquartered Meta Games Universal Ltd to develop Candy Spins, which was released in January 2018. A glance at the candy-inspired Candy Spins reminds of slot games like the 2012 Candy Crush Saga game from King, Candy Bars from IGT, Sugar Pop from Betsoft, Sugar Candy from Gameiom, So Much Candy by Microgaming, and Candy Factory from Cayetano Gaming.

“Candy” and “spins” refer to the game’s symbols that are modeled on candies whose post-spinning winning combinations should be in threes, or fours, or fives.

Candy Spins Game Characteristics
Candy Spins, whose reels and rows form a 5X3 grid, has twenty non-adjustable pay lines. Candy Spins’ eleven symbols are: a round pink-and-white “Wild” candy, a round orange-and-white candy, a round red-and-white candy, a triangular green candy, a red-and-white checkered candy A, a cream-and-yellow checkered candy K, a pink-and-white checkered candy Q, a green checkered candy J, a round pink white “Bonus” candy, a rose red heart-shaped “Scatter” candy, and a round red-and-white checkered “Super Wild” candy.

The Candy Spins game loads to show a whirling centrifugal force-like page with a quick game play demonstration in the foreground. Pressing “skip” or waiting for 50 seconds to pass takes Candy Spins players to another page with the four special symbols namely the “Super Wild” that makes one reel turn wild, free spins-triggering “Scatter”, symbols-transforming “Candy Bomb”, and the attractive lollipop bonus-offering “Bonus”; “Candy Bomb” aside, the the symbols cannot be substituted.

The Candy Spins interface materializes after pressing the flickering green “play” icon. Unlike slots with menus mostly located along the bottom, the Candy Spins buttons are lined vertically on the left side of the interface. Candy Spins’ minimum bet is $0.20; $200.00 is the maximum bet.

Players have a choice of twelve more bet sizes: $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, $60.00, $80.00, and $100.00 (though the software might show the credits in euro currency). Selecting the bet size is followed by pressing the green “OK” button, then pressing the second from bottom icon on the menu.

The respective Candy Spins payouts for symbols appearing in threes, fours, and fives are: the round pink-and-white “Wild” candy offers X50, X250, and X1000; the round orange-and-white candy has X40, X200, and X800; the round red-and-white candy X20, X100, and X400.

The triangular green candy gives X12, X50, and X200; the checkered candy A has X10, X40, and X160; the checkered candy K gives X8, X25, and X100; the checkered candy Q has X6 X12, and X60; and the checkered candy J offers X5, X10, and X15. There is a progressive jackpot.

Candy Spins’ good software lets players play the slot game from a child’s perspective, considering the relaxing nursery theme tunes and the graphics that feed a child’s fantasy.

Luck in Candy Spins
The return to player rate of Candy Spins is 96.51% while the house edge is 3.49%. Accessed via the pink menu button, the “i” icon leads to the game rules where Candy Spins is not only referred to as a game of luck, but also has fixed odds.

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