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Azteca Gold Slot

Azteca Gold, which was released on January 2, 2018, is a Renaissance period civilization-themed slot game developed by the Nassau-based Leander Games in conjunction with the London-headquartered Meta Games Universal Limited. Leander Games has other Gold-branded games, including Gold Strike and Cleopatra’s Gold. Azteca Gold has similarly themed rival games, such as Azteca Glory, Azteca Treasure, Wild Azteca, and Book of Azteca.

Azteca Gold draws its inspiration from the then Azteca Indians who inhabited the present-day Central Mexico till around the 16th century. Azteca Gold players should match the Azteca Indians’ historic artifacts in threes, fours, or fives.

Azteca Gold Game Characteristics
On Azteca Gold’s 5X3 grid are the game’s ten fixed pay lines, where the following twelve symbols spin. Azteca Gold symbols are: a heart-faced “Wild” Aztecan mask (and substituting symbol) fitted with golden earrings and a silver lining along the forehead and temples; a round-faced mask with a protruding tongue; a double-headed gigantic snake; a full-bodied eagle with colorful feathers; a cog-like symbol; a skull; a baby bird (nestling); an eagle’s head; a calf’s head; an Aztecan tribesman with a headgear “Bonus” symbol; a multiple-faced “Scatter” mask; and an Aztecan king’s mask. Aztecan king’s mask, “Bonus” mask, and “Scatter” mask cannot be substituted.

The Azteca Gold software loads to show still images of spinning and free dropping symbols, “Bonus” and “Scatter” symbols, and the highest paying king’s mask. Pressing the flickering “Play” leads to the interface, where the “spin” icon flickers. The vertical menu is along the right side. Azteca Gold’s bets, which are adjusted using the up/down parts on the bottom-most menu button, show a $0.10 minimum bet and a $10.00 maximum bet; however, these credits may be in Euro signs. More bet sizes are $0.20, $0.30, $0.40, $0.50, $1.00, $2.50, and $5.00.

These are Azteca Gold’s payouts for symbols turning up in threes, fours, and fives (respectively). The silver-lined mask pays X50, X200, and X1000. The double-headed snake symbol pays X20, X80, and X320. The round-faced mask gives X8, X25, and X100. The full-bodied eagle offers X50, X200, and X1000. The cog sign offers X15, X60, and X240. The skull gives X5, X20, and X80. The nestling gives X25, X100, and X500. The eagle’s head offers X10, X30, and X120. A calf’s head offers X5, X15, and X60. The “Scatter” mask awards 10, 12, and 20 free drops. The “Bonus” mask awards 2, 4, and 6 (Fortune wheel) free spins; and the “Bonus” mask winnings are capped at X600. Azteca Gold has a X5000 non-progressive jackpot, which is triggered by five Aztecan king symbols.

The Azteca Gold software is good. The drum beat, chirping birds and whooshing sound effects portray a tense event, which is seemingly a chilling dark ritual. The vivid graphics in the background of the interface are self-explanatory, especially the Aztecan ruins deep in the Mexico Rainforest.

Luck in Azteca Gold
Azteca Gold’s game rules’ page specifically mentions keywords such as “a game of chance”, “fixed odds”, and states that the player’s aim is all about trying to get the winning combinations”. The RTP rate of Azteca Gold is 95.72%, and the house edge is 4.28%.

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