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Gold Coins

Released on March 12, 2020 by Hacksaw Gaming, Gold Coins is a scratch card game adaptation of the luck-bringing and ideological Feng Shui coins. Koi Cash (January 2020), Shave the Sheep (July 2020), Frog Scratch (April 2020), and Stick ‘Em (September 2019) from Hacksaw Gaming have a Feng Shui theme too.
Gold Coins is among Hacksaw Gaming’s 40 scratch card games that consist of other gold-themed lottery games like Scratch! Gold (2018), Scratch ‘Em (October 2019), and Gold Rush Scratch (2018). The rival games of Gold Coins include Gold Rush (February 2020) from Pragmatic Play, Scratch Golden Trophy (August 2020) from Slot Factory and Go For Gold (October 2015) from 1X2 Gaming. Players win whenever they scratch the cards and find three matching numbers or a Feng Shui coin.

Gold Coins Game Characteristics

Gold Coins game has a non-partitioned ground ginger-colored 3X3 grid beneath its scratch off area that is shroud in a photomontage consisting of nine golden Feng Shui coins. The regular payouts are between $1.00 and $5000.00.

Gold Coins has only one bet size, which is $2.00. There is one special symbol and nine regular numbers. Special symbol: the jackpot-triggering symbol is a black Feng Shui coin. Players match these regular numbers, which are also their respective payouts: $1.00, $10.00, $100.00, $250.00, $500.00, $1000.00, $2500.00, and $5000.00.

After loading, the Gold Coins software shows a contoured red-and-orange lottery ticket in a ground ginger frame. “Scratch here” indicates the center of the “$2” ticket, wherein the golden-and-ginger coin montage is positioned.

The player clicks the green “buy” button when prompted to “play again!” There are two ways to scratch the UV coating off the ticket. The hands-on method involves personally scratching the ticket: in mobile versions, the player scrubs the screen within the photomontage; in desktop versions, players twirl a popping up gray square “$” rubber over the photomontage.

The alternative method, which automates the scratching procedure, is all about pressing the green “scratch all” button after which the UV coating disappears. If the player unveils a winning ticket, the three similar numbers are highlighted in pale pink. In case the scratched ticket contains the three dark Feng Shui coins, it awards the Gold Coins’ $100000.00 non-progressive jackpot.

Gold Coins has a simple software, with a minimal user interface. For instance, the hamburger menu at bottom left has two white buttons only—“info” and on/off “sound” buttons. The other interactive buttons are “buy”, “scratch all”, “A” (autoplay), and “start autoplay” only.

The basic autoplay setting has 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 500, and 1000 autospins; while the advanced autoplay setting also includes loss limits (5X bet, 20X bet, 50X bet, no limit, custom) and win limits (10X bet, 20X bet, 75X bet, no limit, and custom).

Sound effects: screaking after buying the first ticket and during wins, and jingling after revealing two similar numbers while scratching. Also, there is a scratchy sound that—in terms of the animated 3D graphics—brings out the realism associated with the trickling scratch-off UV coating.

Luck in Gold Coins

A game of chance, the RTP rate of Gold Coins is 61% and the house edge is 39%.

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