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Yak Yeti and Roll

Yak Yeti and Roll is a folkloric html5 video slot that Betsoft Gaming released on December 14, 2018. Its protagonist is an Inuit man called Yak who is cycled by a yeti across the Arctic in a wheeled snowmobile. Themes: polar exploration, arctic animals, playing card values, gemstones, and myth.

Similar Betsoft-owned games: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (July 2014), Dragon Kings (July 2018), Mission: Amazon (October 2020), and Dead Man’s Cove (October 2020). Yak Yeti and Roll’s rival games include Mr. Big Foot (August 2016) from Spadegaming, Big Foot (August 2014) from NextGen, and 9K Yeti (November 2019) from 4ThePlayer.

One symbol (Yak) requires two, three, four, or five winning combinations. Ten symbols (arctic fox, reindeer, igloo, snowmobile, gloves, A, K, Q, J, and 10) require two, three, four, or five winning combinations.

Yak Yeti and Roll Game Characteristics
Yak Yeti and Roll has an Arctic setting for its non-partitioned, translucent and bluish 5X3 grid, with an ice-covered fancy frame. It has 20 left-to-right fixed paylines, eleven bet sizes, sixteen symbols, bonus game, two bet multipliers, buyable multiplier, six win multipliers, (buyable) free games, extra free games, locked symbols, side game, and regularly pays from $0.01 to $250.00.

Yak Yeti and Roll has six special symbols and ten ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the substituting wild is a saluting white-and-purple yeti (on inner reels only); the scatter is the bearded, cross-eyed eskimo Yak in a brown costume and carrying a golden scepter; and four bonus game-related gems—free games-triggering citrine, regular games’ win multiplier-related ruby, multiplier-related sapphire, and bet multiplier-related emerald.

Ordinary symbols: Arctic fox; reindeer; igloo; brown-and-orange wheeled snowmobile, fitted with a lamp; orange snow gloves; and floral blue-and-golden A, K, Q, J, and 10.

Yak Yeti and Roll’s bet sizes: $0.20 (minimum bet), $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 (maximum bet).

The $20.00 bet offers these Yak Yeti and Roll payouts. Two, three, four, and five eskimoos pay $5.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $250.00. Three, four, and five: arctic fox pays $10.00, $30.00, and $150.00; reindeer pays $8.00, $25.00, and $100.00; igloo pays $5.00, $15.00, and $50.00; aircraft pays $4.00, $12.00, and $40.00; gloves pays $3.00, $10.00, and $30.00; A, or K pays $1.00, $3.00, and $15.00; Q, or J, or and 10 pays $1.00, $2.00, and $10.00.

Winning combinations disappear explosively, before newly fetched symbols join the locked non-winning symbols. After each win, the snowmobile crushes the gems strewn below the grid, thereby activating the gems’ respective awards.

Two back-to-back wins offer “X2” (emerald) bet multiplier; three back-to-back wins offer X2 (ruby) win multiplier; six back-to-back wins offer X3 (ruby) win multiplier; seven back-to-back wins offer eight (citrine) free games; eight back-to-back wins offer +2 (citrine) free games; nine back-to-back wins offer +3 (citrine) free games; ten back-to-back wins offer +5 (citrine) free games; twelve back-to-back wins offer X5 (ruby) win multiplier.

13 back-to-back wins offer +1 (sapphire) free games’ multiplier; 15 back-to-back wins offer X15 (ruby) win multiplier; 16 back-to-back wins offer +2 (sapphire) free games’ win multiplier; and 17 back-to-back wins offer X200 (emerald) bet multiplier. Note: crushing the crystal-and-blue gems (fourth, fifth, eleventh, and fourteenth back-to-back wins) offers nothing.

“Free” games alongside X4 win multiplier can be bought at a cost of (X70 the bet): $14.00, $28.00, $42.00, $56.00, $70.00, $140.00, $210.00, $280.00, $350.00, $700.00, or $1400.00.

After wholly or partially gambling the collectible current win, the payout-doubling (correct prediction) or payout-nullifying (wrong prediction) side game lets players guess tails (mountain peak) or heads (bust). Yak Yeti and Roll has an X4637.5 non-progressive jackpot, (4637.5X20) totaling $92750.00.

The good Yak Yeti and Roll software suits desktops and smartphones; and has a quick spin for its 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 100 autospins. Sound effects: swish, jingling, and creaking pedals. The cinematic graphics: glitter effect, glow, crushed and surfacing gems, sunburst, moving terrain, whirled lumps, and yeti cycling the snowmobile.

Luck in Yak Yeti and Roll
Yak Yeti and Roll, a game of chance, has an RTP rate of 95.93%. The house edge is 4.07%.

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