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Three Wishes

Three Wishes—presently titled Genie’s Fortune—is a mystic Betsoft Gaming-owned January 2010 html5 video slot adaptation of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, which is an 1885 spin-off tale among the Arabian Nights tales. Plot: a selfish wizard exploits boyish protagonist Aladdin who then recovers, from a dangerous cave, an ancient oil lamp containing two genies that later on actualizes the boy’s (and, contextually, the player’s) three wishes—thus the game’s title.

Other themes: treasure, magic, snake charming, fantasy, paranormal, and wishful thinking. Three Wishes’ rival games include: Aladdin (March 2019) from Virtual Tech, 3 Genie Wishes (December 2016) from Pragmatic Play, and Lamp of Aladdin (July 2020) from 1X2gaming. Nine symbols (princess Badr ul-Badur, camel, gold, swords, crystal ball, gem, fruits, basket, and flying carpet) require three, four, or five winning combinations.

Three Wishes Game Characteristics
Three Wishes is set in Aladdin’s gold-filled home, where its partitioned 5X3 grid is positioned on a golden piping system. There are 30 left-to-right paylines, eleven coin sizes, ten bet levels, 1870 total bets, bonus game, click-and-reveal game, free games, no side game, and regularly pays from $5.00 to $2500.00.

Three Wishes has twelve symbols: four special and eight ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the substituting wild is a floral, tasseled red-and-golden flying carpet; the click-and-reveal game-unlocking feature is a monkey in a purple cap; the free games-triggering scatter is an open treasure box overflowing with gems and money; and the wish-choosing bonus game-triggering feature is a golden oil lamp.

Ordinary symbols: restrained princess Badr ul-Badur (she is Aladdin’s wife) in purple; Arabian camel in red harness; gold bars among golden coins; crisscrossing Persian scimitar swords; crystal ball on golden stand; hexagonal golden gem; fruits; and basket containing snake.

The Three Wishes bet sizes: $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10, $0.15, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, and $1.00. Bet levels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Active paylines: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, or 30. Minimum bet: $0.01. Maximum bet: $300.00.

The $300.00 bet offers these Three Wishes payouts for three, four, and five winning combinations. Flying carpet pays $600.00, $1250.00, and $2500.00. Princess Badr ul-Badur pays $500.00, $1000.00, and $2000.00. Arabian camel pays $400.00, $800.00, and $1600.00. Gold bars pay $300.00, $600.00, and $1200.00.

Swords pay $250.00, $500.00, and $1000.00. Crystal balls pays $200.00, $400.00, and $800.00. Gem pays $150.00, $300.00, and $600.00. Fruits pay $100.00, $200.00, and $400.00. Basket pays $50.00, $100.00, and $200.00.

The carpet may land in the regular game’s first reel. Subsequently, the carpet starts flying rightward to its counterpart positions on reels two, three, four, and five; where it drapes the symbols therein and reveals credits as it moves on, before returning to reel one.

The monkey may land centrally on reel three, thus loading the click-and-reveal game that requires players to press the blue-and-purple “click me” signs until “collect” is seen.

3+ oil lamps load the bonus game, where a stage curtain precedes the “found” lamp amid Aladdin’s house. The pressed lamp emits a pink vapor containing the bejeweled, plump genie in a pink-and-white costume; the genie prompts players to pick three out of these six credit-revealing wishes—“travel”, “health”, “wisdom”, “wealth”, “fame” and “love”.

Three treasure chests: five free games. Four treasure chests: 10 free games. Five treasure chests: 20 free games. Three Wishes’ non-progressive jackpot is $600000.00.

The good Three Wishes software: icons on pots and tassel pillow; mobile and desktop versions; quick spin; and 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 100 autospins. Ambient background: traditional Arabic instrumental music. Sound effects: mumbling genie, jingling, chattering monkey, giggling princess, and camel’s footfalls.

The notable cinematic 3D graphics: clashing swords, gyrating princess, carpet flying across the grid, genie in the crystal ball, fruits-grabbing monkey disgorging and felling symbols, genie’s fingers counting to three wishes, materializing and disappearing genie, charmed snake, and running camel.

Luck in Three Wishes
Three Wishes is a game of chance. RTP rate: 95.61%. House edge: 4.39%.

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