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Alkemor’s Tower

Alkemor’s Tower—games developer Betsoft released it on November 2, 2015—is an astrophysics-inspired html5 video slot whose numerous themes include teleportation, mysticism, wizardly, enchantment, space-time, astronomy, astronomical phenomena, exotic flowers, alchemy, fantasy, celestial bodies, and classical elements.

Suchlike games from Betsoft: Mystic Hive (August 2020), Faerie Spells (January 2019), Event Horizon (April 2015), The Magic Shoppe (June 2017), Once Upon a Time (August 2013), Enchanted (January 2010), and Wizard’s Castle (January 2011). Alkemor’s Tower’s rival games include Book of Alchemy (March 2020) from GameArt, Alchemy (July 2019) from KAJOT, and The Alchemist (January 2013) from Greentube.

Sixteen symbols (wizard Alkemor, quartz, golden coins, ring, jewels, fly agaric, spell scroll, balance scale, Venus flytrap, stork’s bill flower, freesia flower, blue hydrangeas flower, supanova, galaxy, solar system, and exoplanet) require three, four, or five winning combinations.

Alkemor’s Tower Game Characteristics
This online game is set in the medieval tower house of a bespectacled wizard named Alkemor in purple. Positioned between two half-turn staircases, the fancy and stony 5X3 grid is divided up by twisted rods. The candle-lit grid’s golden sheen contrasts with its black reels.

There are 243 left-to-right winning ways, 25 symbols eleven coin denominations, five bet levels, 55 total bets, seven substituting wilds, rewarding symbol-devouring features, two sets of free games, a side game, and pays from $0.03 to $1750.00.

Alkemor’s Tower has nine special symbols. Four classical elements, all substituting wilds, in glistening potion jars: deep blue water element; fiery fire element; colorless earth element; and sky blue air element. Three free games-unlocking spell books (also substituting wilds): a Prussian blue-and-golden spell book; the strapped spell book; and a vine twinning around the spell book. Two symbol-devouring features: an earthy vine; and a light green black hole.

Sixteen ordinary symbols: eight standard symbols and eight unique symbols. Standard symbols: wizard Alkemor; green quartz; stacked pentagram-embossed golden coins (also used in the side game); amethyst-embedded golden ring; jewels in a brown pouch; fly agaric; fastened parchment yellow spell scroll; and golden balance scale.

Unique symbols—four house plants and four celestial bodies: Venus flytrap; stork’s bill flower; freesia flower; blue hydrangeas flower; fiery supanova; red-and-teal galaxy; solar system; and ringed purple exoplanet.

Alkemor’s Tower has five bet levels alongside these coin denominations: $0.30, $0.60, $0.90, $1.20, $1.50, $3.00, $4.50, $6.00, $7.50, $15.00, and $30.00. Minimum bet: $0.30. Maximum bet: $150.00.
The $150.00 bet offers these the Alkemor’s Tower payouts for three, four, and five winning combinations. Wizard Alkemor pays $375.00, $875.00, and $1750.00. Quartz pays $225.00, $500.00, and $1000.00. Golden coins pay $150.00, $350.00, and $750.00. Ring pays $100.00, $200.00, and $500.00. Jewels pay $75.00, $150.00, and $375.00. Fly agaric pays $50.00, $100.00, and $250.00. Spell scroll pays $25.00, $75.00, and $150.00. Balance scale pays $15.00, $50.00, and $125.00.

Two normal spell books and a vined spell book prompt ten, twelve, or 15 nature floor free games that are played in a magical garden, offering these flowery payouts. Venus flytrap pays $125.00, $100.00, and $200.00. Stork’s bill flower pays $75.00, $150.00, and $300.00. Freesia flower pays $50.00, $100.00, and $200.00. Blue hydrangeas flower pays $25.00, $50.00, and $100.00.

Two normal spell books and a fastened spell book prompt ten, twelve, or 15 celestial floor free games that are played in an observatory, offering these astrological payouts. Supanova pays $125.00, $250.00, and $400.00. Galaxy pays $75.00, $150.00, and $200.00. Solar system pays $50.00, $100.00, and $200.00. Exoplanet pays $25.00, $50.00, and $100.00.

The collectible regular wins load the win-doubling or win-nullifying side game, where a player guesses the next coin’s side—heads (Alkemor’s bust) or tails (pentagram). Alkemor’s Tower has (X1750 with $150 bet) a $262500.00 non-progressive jackpot.

The good Alkemor’s Tower software features: supports desktop and smartphones; gothic icon; quick spin; and 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 100 autospins. Sound effects: magical, chinking, jingling, and Alkemor’s emotive utterances. The cinematic animated 3D graphics include: panning and dolly zoom cinematography techniques, symbol-grabbing vine, fluttering bats, spilling jewels, spell casting, whirling black hole, luminosity, Alkemor’s dramatic body language, and psychic prowess like pyrokinesis and telekinesis.

Luck in Alkemor’s Tower
Alkemor’s Tower is a game of chance. It has an RTP rate of 94.96%, while the house edge is 5.04%.

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