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Subbuteo Slot

About Subbuteo Slot
Subbuteo Slot, released in June 2018, is a team sport-styled and association football-themed video slot made by Betdigital. Although it is distributed by SG Digital and NextGen Gaming, Subbuteo Slot is trademarked by Hasbro Inc. Sports, table top game, table soccer, and entertainment are some of the thematic elements. Being a unique slot game, Subbuteo Slot has no relatable game in the Betdigital’s catalog. Subbuteo Slot’s rival games include Football Superstar from Endorphina, Knockout Football from Habanero, and Football Carnival from Playtech.

The name “Subbuteo” has a Latin origin, whereby the Latin term “Falco Subbuteo” denotes the subgenus of falcon that is commonly called the Eurasia Hobby. Originally invented by Peter Adolph and patented in the 1940s, Subbuteo is an umbrella term for tabletop games. Specifically, this slot game features nine optional Subbuteo regional soccer teams. All the Subbuteo Slot symbols require three, four, or five winning combinations.

Subbuteo Slot Game Characteristics
Subbuteo Slot has an office green 5X3 grid that, together with the silhouette of a starting XI soccer team, is seemingly floating above the stadium; there are 20 fixed pay lines, twelve bet sizes, three special features, free games, and additional free games. Subbuteo Slot payouts range from X5 to X5000.

Subbuteo Slot has twelve symbols, consisting of eleven ordinary symbols and one special symbol. The ordinary symbols are: white-and-blue 10, white-and-red J, white-and-green Q, white-and-purple K, white-and-yellow A, predominantly black cleats, white-and-black soccer ball, white-and-yellow whistle, silver trophy, white-and-red Subbuteo player, and a golden superSub. The WILD is an image of a stadium with fans in the stands.

After Subbuteo Slot loads, the players are first prompted to select both their preferred team’s name. The choice of nine teams’ names are: Subbuteo Rangers, Subbuteo Utd, Subbuteo Athletic, Subbuteo Town, Subbuteo City, Subbuteo FC, Subbuteo Rovers, Subbuteo Wanderers, and Subbuteo Albion. To do so, they press the “<” or “>” buttons above the soccer player.

Second, the Subbuteo Slot players select their favorite team’s logo and kit, using the respective arrows surrounding the representing player or by pressing “shuffle” at bottom left. The platform, striped “11” jersey, “11” shorts, socks, and cleats choices include numerous color combinations of white, green, purple, blue, black, yellow, and orange. Third, players press “>” to continue to the interface, where they set the bet sizes and optional autoplay (up to 100 rounds).

The Subbuteo Slot bet sizes: $0.20 (minimum), $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $40.00, $50.00, $100.00, and $200.00 (maximum).

The Subbuteo Slot payouts for three, four, or five winning combinations, respectively: 10, or J, or Q pays X5, X25, and X100; K pays X10, X50, and X200; A pays X10, X50, and X100; the cleats, or soccer ball pays X20, X100, and X500; the whistle, or trophy pays X40, X200, and X1000; “Subbuteo” pays X50, X250, and X2000; and “SuperSub” pays X100, X500, and X5000; the full WILD stadium pays X50, X250, and X2000—when the Supersub is active, it can increase to X100, X500, and X5000.

The three randomly-offered special features are: an “Extra Player” plus a prize; a “New Contract” for the manager that offers an award; and a “Manager of the Month” where picking a preferred soccer manager offers a choice of four prizes—an extra player, kick off, cash bonus, or win spin.

Eighteen free spins (after the official 90 minutes, every free spin means five more soccer playing minutes) are offered whenever the bonus round begins. There are 5X bet multipliers during penalty shootouts.

The Subbuteo Slot software is notable for its advanced feature, including the prompter; however, the settings cog is unresponsive sometimes. The sounds include the commentator proclaiming “select your team’s kit”, “welcome to Subbuteo” and “here we are tonight at Subbuteo stadium”; the sound effects include referee’s whistle and mumbling excited fans. The 3D graphics are realistic, including: the technical and coaching team, and the diverse football team.

Luck in Subbuteo Slot
The RTP rate of Subbuteo Slot, a game of chance, is 96.0% for the regular game and 95.4% during the bonus game; the house edge is 4.0% for the regular game and 4.6% for the bonus game.

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