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Bon Bon Bonanza

Bon Bon Bonanza is one of the most colorful Internet casino games ever designed by Betdigital Ltd; its distribution rights are owned by Openbet and SG Digital. The symbolism involves confectionaries. There are numerous candy-themed rival games, including: Captain Candy (May 2019) from GameART, Lolly Land (July 2015) from NextGen Gaming, and Candy Burst (May 2019) from Leander Games.

One glance at Bon Bon Bonanza reminds of, and this video slot is seemingly modelled on, the Candy Crush Saga (April 2012) from King. The game’s name “Bon Bon Bonanza” is based on two things— “bonbon” and “bonanza”. A bonbon refers to a chocolate-coated candy, while a bonanza is a windfall; collectively, the term “Bon Bon Bonanza” refers to great instantaneous winnings resulting from three, four, or five candy-based combinations.

Bon Bon Bonanza Game Characteristics

Bon Bon Bonanza is a multiplier slot, fitted with a 9X9 light blue grid. It has a side game offering three optional bonus games. Although it lacks the usual pay lines, Bon Bon Bonanza works like a typical match-three game; therefore, there are numerous possible horizontal and vertical combinations—apart from the “JACKPOT” and “YOU’RE SUPER” symbols requiring horizontal combinations only. The regular payouts of Bon Bon Bonanza range from X0.5 to X10.

Bon Bon Bonanza has twelve ordinary symbols and four special symbols. The ordinary symbols are: a dotted light blue sweet; a dotted purple sweet; a maroon sweet; a yellow sweet; a blue-and-yellow sweet; a swirl green sweet; a yellow-and-red lollipop; a white-and-purple lollipop; a red-and-white lollipop; a bonbon with white swirl icing; a green charm blow lollipop; and a rectangular purple-and-orange lollipop.

The four special symbols are: an orange dynamite that offers a X5 bet multiplier; a gray bomb that offers a X10 bet multiplier; a white-and-red “YOU’RE SUPER” heart shape; and a red “JACKPOT” sweet.

Bon Bon Bonanza gives a choice of twenty-three bet sizes: $0.20 (minimum bet), $0.40, $0.60, $1.00, $2.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00, $12.00, $14.00, $16.00, $18.00, $20.00, $40.00, $60.00, $80.00, $100.00, $120.00, $140.00, $160.00, $180.00, and $200.00 (maximum bet).

Unlike the paytables of other slot games, Bon Bon Bonanza’s payouts are uniform for three, four, and five combinations as follows. The dotted blue sweet, or the dotted purple sweet, or the maroon sweet, or the yellow sweet pays X0.5. The yellow-and-blue sweet, or swirl green sweet pays X1. The yellow-and-red lollipop, or white-and-purple lollipop pays X2. The red-and-white lollipop, or the bonbon pays X5. The green charm lollipop pays, or the rectangular purple-and-orange lollipop pays X10.

A Bon Bon Bonanza’s game round offers up to $250000. Three “YOU’RE SUPER” heart shapes side by side unlock the feature game whereby the Bon Bon Bonanza’s players can manually by tapping or press “automove” to move around symbols to form combinations; such winnings can fill a feature trail bar, thereby unlocking three bonus games: either Wheel of Fortune, or Pick A Win, or Pinata. Three red “JACKPOT” sweets side by side activate the Bon Bon Bonanza’s progressive jackpot.

The good Bon Bon Bonanza software has buttons embedded on candies. The winnings, jackpot counter, and bank balance buttons are along the top margin; the autospins (10, 25, 50, 75, 100; or based on win/loss limits), start, and +/- total bet buttons are along the bottom, However, the grid is a bit crammed. The slot machine sound effects are classic; there are also audio prompts. Meaningful animation is wanting for the cascading 2D confectionaries.

Luck in Bon Bon Bonanza

The RTP rate of Bon Bon Bonanza, a game of chance, is 96.98% and the house edge is 3.02%.

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