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Scratch Cards: The Base Five Betting System

The Base Five betting system is quite a fun betting system that you can use when playing scratch cards. If you’re looking for a betting system to use playing scratch cards the Base Five betting system is a lot better than the Martingale betting system and systems similar to that. While the Martingale betting system can have you running up huge loses and have you betting huge amounts, the Base Five betting system is gentler to the bankroll and you’ll never have to wager an obscene amount of money just because the system tells you to.

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To start with, we’ll use the scratch cards at Lucky Red Casino. Not only is the software great there, the scratch cards at Lucky Red Casino are second to none. The selection is great and the potential wins are fantastic.

The main principle of the Base Five betting system that it is a progressive betting system, where you move up and down the scale depending on whether you win or lose. First, you choose your unit amount. In this example, we’ll wager $1 per unit. The Base Five betting system has the principle 1-2-3-4-5. So that means 1x unit, then 2x unit, 3x unit, 4x unit and finally 5x unit.

So, our system will have us wagering amounts of $1, $2, $3, $4 and then the biggest bet we will make using this betting system is $5. Compared to the Martingale system, where you can end up wagering $512 or more, the Base Five betting system is far gentler on your bankroll.

The general idea behind the Base Five betting system is that you move up a level on the system when you make a winning bet. So, let’s say our first scratch card doubles our win. We would then move up to the next level on the scale, which is $2. You keep on moving up the ladder after every win (not including free cards) until you have a winning 5 unit bet.

Once you have a winning 5 unit bet, you can either stop betting, or you go back to the start of the scale, betting 1 unit. If you make losing bet, you stay at the level you are. So, after our first winning bet, let’s say we lose. Well, we keep on betting $2 until we get a winning bet and then finally we get to move up to the $3 bet.

While you might not think scratch cards are the easiest casino game to use a betting system on, the Base Five betting system is actually perfect for scratch cards. As you no doubt know, you can get a great run of scratch cards where you win and win and win, but then you can also have a run where you might not win for a few cards and using some betting systems, that can seriously eat into your bankroll.

With the Base Five betting system, you can limit your loses on scratch cards, but then get the most out of your wins.

However, like all betting systems, this doesn’t guarantee you a profit. In fact, it’s exactly the same as all betting systems in that you will probably not win. But if you are determined to use a betting system when playing scratch cards, the Base Five betting system is definitely the one that you should use.

If you do want to try the Base Five betting system when you’re playing scratch cards, there are lots of great casinos to try it at. When it comes to quantity AND quality, we highly recommend Lucky Red Casino. At the end of the day, if you love playing scratch cards, it’s important to shop around and find the best casino for you, with the scratch cards that you like to play. And once you’ve found that, the Base Five betting system should add an extra layer of enjoyment to your scratch card playing experience.

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