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Scratch Card Strategy

Scratch cards are tremendously entertaining games that can get you all riled up in anticipation of quickly winning some cash. That’s why so many people search for strategies to multiply their winnings while playing these types of games. The best strategies for wining at scratch cards are not a guarantee of winning, but you might lose less.

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In fact, it’s best to come right out with the honest truth: scratch cards are games based on unadulterated luck and chance, and there is no strategy on this earth that will guarantee that you will win. Of course, maybe you have some magical connections that give you a heads-up on which cards have a better chance of winning than others. But more than likely, that’s not the case. Still, though this type of game is based on luck, there are methods that might increase your chances of winning if you are clever at playing. Here’s a bit of sound advice that may “possibly” help you win a bit of cash with scratch cards.


-Similar to other games played for money, it is vital that you play by the rules. So, make certain that you comprehend exactly what the rules of the particular scratch card games that you will be playing. Fortunately, the majority of scratch card games are easy to understand and play. Very little skill is required. Nonetheless, it is important to know exactly how to play the scratch card games that you select.

-Most people recommend that you start at your price point. Remember, scratch cards have various prices and according to those who have studied this type of card game well, higher priced cards pay more and less frequently. Cheaper cards pay out more often, but in much smaller amounts. Basically, create a budget for your scratch card playing and stick to it!

As mentioned earlier, cheaper cards normally offer better odds of winning than the more expensive cards; however, the payouts are much less. Which means they won’t payout millions, but you must decide your own budget.

-Check the odds of the scratch card game you’re interested in. Many times, online casinos will present somewhere on their site the odds of winning with each game. These odds, of course, will change with the price of the card. The idea is to play with the cards that offer the best winning chances.

-If possible, select an online game site that offers “free” scratch card games. By taking this step, you get to play a ton of games, perfect your betting combinations, and take pleasure in Las Vegas style realism as long as your heart desires.

In fact, practice-mode scratch cards are the best way to learn how to play scratch card games. You will probably find a few that are your favorites and you can determine how much you want to spend on those particular cards. If anything, stick to a budget. Since “scratchies” are so easy and fun to play, you can easily find yourself out of pocket.

Keep in mind that with online sites that offer free plays before making a deposit, you will get an idea of how the game works and its odds. Additionally, free scratch cards are only offered at Internet casinos.

TIP: When you win a scratch card game, it is advised that you cash in your winnings, or at minimum keep a part of it. If you keep playing with your winnings, you will easily lose everything. This is because with scratch cards you can win quickly, and lose just as fast!


-There are online scratch card games with jackpots attached to them that offer a tremendous amount of money. The prizes can even go up to millions of dollars in some cases; however, the chances of winning are tremendously low. The best practice is to limit your jackpot scratch card purchases to roughly 10% to 20% of your entire purchases.

-Even if there is no “precise strategy” for playing scratch cards, it is better to play when you are in a good mood than not. If you play under stress or when you are troubled, chances are you will more than likely have a difficult time deciding which cards offer the best chance of winning. Moreover, you may end up going way over your budget without realizing it.

-When playing scratch cards online, make certain that you always claim the proposed scratch card bonuses. Many online casinos will offer you extra funds for free if you decide to signup and make a deposit.

So, now that you are a bit smarter about playing scratch cards online, remember to keep your wits about you, and have fun!

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