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Scratch Card Strategies

What Scratch Card Strategies Are There?

Scratch Cards are one of the most popular forms of gambling. Online they’re a nice little casual way to gamble and pass the time which takes just seconds, and offline they’re so easily accessible.

Pop into any convenience store for a pack of smokes and right in front of you is a whole wack of different scratch cards. Many of them are themed now based on TV shows etc too so for example you can see WWE Scratch Cards or the Walking Dead scratch cards.

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As you can imagine with a scratch card be it offline or online, there isn’t much strategy to them. It’s not like you can choose which way to scratch etc.

However that’s not to say there’s not methods in which you can increase your chances and make them more profitable.

Let’s break it up:

Offline Scratch Card Strategy:

I guess it comes down to the State or Province or City regulations however any good store will have a list of all of the scratch cards they sell, and what ones still have the jackpot prize.

So let’s say there are two types of scratch cards. Both cost $5, and both have a grand prize of $50,000. You check the list and scratch card A has 0 grand prizes left – meaning people have won them already. Scratch card B has 5 grand prizes left – then without a doubt you should buy scratch card B.

Now you may think “Well duh” but you’d be surprised how many people are unaware of this sort of list. You can ask at the store and they should show it to you or you might be able to even check online for an updated tally.

The problem with scratch cards is they are located at the cash and are usually impulse buys. Don’t impulse buy without doing a little bit of research first.

Also check out how long the scratch card has been out, how many are in circulation still etc. I mean if both Scratch Card A and Scratch Card B have 5 grand prizes left, but Scratch Card A has been out for 6 months and Scratch Card B only 2 months then there’s a good possibility that Scratch Card A will have less cards available meaning your chances of buying go up.

In Ontario in Canada for example, the OLG(Ontario Lottery & Gaming) website lists all of the scratch cards available. It lists the prize amounts for each one, the total prizes available and the unclaimed prizes.

So before buying a scratch card I’d do my research on that and it’ll help you figure out what cards to buy.

Online Scratch Card Strategy:

This one is very simple – look at the paytables.

With online scratch cards it’s very different as to what the options are. You’ll find the payout amounts different. You’ll also find that some reward more money or a better payout ratio depending on the amount you bet.

If you’re American take a look at Slots.LV and if you’re not American head to to compare scratch cards.

These all have different scratch cards from different software prvoiders so you’ll see a wide varitey of different payout structures. Some even utilize bonus games etc to enhance the software.

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