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Zoom Roulette

Most of the present-day online variants of roulette boast of advanced and mesmerizing features but the cold fact is the more these roulette offshoots change to suit a dynamic industry, the more they retain the basics, to paraphrase an epigram. Zoom Roulette is an example of a roulette variant that substitutes glamour and fanfare for novelty. This Betsoft Gaming powered Internet casino game, which was initially launched in May 2013, has all input controls at a glance on its user interface. The Valetta-based games developer guarantees the Zoom Roulette players of simplicity itself as they bet and pin their winning hopes on the spinning roulette ball.

Zoom Roulette: Game Review
One look at the home page of Zoom Roulette indicates that it takes after the European Roulette. The betting grid has a lone zero alongside the roulette numbers 1 to 36, which are split into 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 13 and correspond to three sets of possible outcomes namely Odd and Even, 1 to 18 and 19 to 36, and colors red and black that are symbolized by oval shapes. The race track is atop the betting grid.

To play Zoom Roulette, players choose the betting chips to the left of the betting grid, decide on their ideal bet types and instinctively pinpoint their bet input onto the betting layout, and click the “spin” icon to the right of the grid. Unfortunately, it lacks quick commands except for the “clear” icon.

The table limits in Zoom Roulette are $3.00 minimum and $500.00 maximum, while the betting chips are valued at$1, $5, $25, $100, and $250. The following are the seven bet types and their payouts in Zoom Roulette, which are accessible through the “help” icon to the right. The highest payout is 35 to 1 for a Straight Up. The Split Bet offers 17 to 1. A Street Bet gives 11 to 1. The Corner Bet has 8 to 1. The Line Bet has 5 to 1. The Dozen Bet or the Corner Bet pays 12 to 1. The last and lowest payout is 1 to 1 for either a Red/Black or Low/High or an Odd/Even bet type. The La Partage rule is alternatively called the Hamburg variant in Zoom Roulette, and lets players recoup 50% of unsuccessful bets on even chances as long as a roulette ball pinpoints zero.

Although Zoom Roulette software cannot be customized, it is simply good. But describing every bet type using its “term” and “chip coverage” in the payout section makes it unnecessarily stuffy. When the players press “spin”, only the roulette ball starts rotating because the idling mode of Zoom Roulette is set to keep the roulette wheel always in motion, which is boring. At least players can opt to mute or unmute the gentle background music and other relatable sounds. The graphics may be good, but there is nothing fancy or fresh about Zoom Roulette.

Zoom Roulette: Game Strategy
The return to player rate in Zoom Roulette is 97.30% while the house edge of the game stands at 2.70%. The idiomatic luck is in the draw means that Zoom Roulette players should not worry about strategizing.

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