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Premier Roulette Diamond

Microgaming Software Systems is among the games developers that have most revolutionized the roulette game, especially through its notable Gold Series and Diamond Edition gaming lines. The Diamond Edition line was launched in around February 2012 to offer a gaming experience more parallel to a land-based casino. The casino games in the Diamond Edition listing include Multi Player Roulette Diamond Edition and Premier Roulette Diamond Edition.

Premier Roulette Diamond, which premiered in the Atlantic City Casino, is an upgraded edition of the premier roulette that was launched in February 2009. This Internet casino game seeks to provide online players with exact experiences akin to those in a real-life casino as they try their luck on the spinning roulette wheel, hoping that the roulette ball will pinpoint gambled on positions.

Premier Roulette Diamond: Game Review
Like premier roulette, its relatively inferior version, Premier Roulette Diamond is an European roulette-style game and, thus, single-zeroed. The betting grid has a “0” on the left fringe and numbers 1 to 36. Terms, symbols and figures such as 1st 12, 2rd 12, 3rd 12, 1-18, 19-36, Even and Odd, a black oval diamond, and a red oval diamond are used to differentiate the various bet types in Premier Roulette Diamond.

A game round of Premier Roulette Diamond involves players selecting the betting chips, deciding on the bet types then tapping accordingly, and clicking the “spin” icon that appears automatically after selecting bets. The autoplay option has X5, X10, X25, and X100. Premier Roulette Diamond has racetrack, call bets, and neighbors. Situated under the betting grid, more chips can be exposed by pressing the icons on the side navigation menu. The following are the sizes of the Premier Roulette Diamond betting chips: $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, and $1K.

Every bet type in Premier Roulette Diamond has its own minimum and maximum bet; however, the lowest minimum bet is $0.25; while the highest maximum bet is $1000.00. These are the bet types and their minimum and maximum bets, respectively: straight up has $0.25 and $125.00; split bet has $0.25 and $250.00; street bet has $0.25 and $625.00; square bet has $0.25 and $500.00; line bet has $0.25 and $375.00; column/dozen have $0.25 and $875.00; and even has $0.25 and $1000.00.

The payouts in Premier Roulette Diamond are as little as X2 for any even chance and as much as X36 for betting on “0” or any of the other 36 digits. Others are X18 for split, X6 for street, X9 for square, X12 for line, and X3 for dozen/column.

Premier Roulette Diamond has good graphics and its software lets players reconfigure it to their taste, ranging from the changeable roulette table with a choice of six differently colored layouts to the game settings like turbo mode and particular sound settings like the dealer’s voice. But the sounds, especially the ambient one, will not give you a reason to switch it off.

Premier Roulette Diamond: Game Strategy
Premier Roulette Diamond has a return to player rate of 97.30%, while the house edge is 2.70%. Any success applying strategies might be coincidental because this is a game of chance.

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