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Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

For centuries, the roulette game was a preserve of a lone roulette wheel. However, the number of wheels that the present-day roulette variants can accommodate is rising steadily through technology manipulation, courtesy of the ingenuity of game developers. For example, Multi Wheel Roulette Gold, which has seven more roulette wheels in addition to the regular roulette wheel.

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold, which initially appeared around February 2011, is a product of the Douglas-based gaming software company called Microgaming Software Systems. The noun “Gold” in the name Multi Wheel Roulette Gold refers to its inclusion in Microgaming’s so-called Gold series, where developers have given oomph to standard variants.

A modernized appearance and sophistication, the selling points of Multi Wheel Roulette Gold, offer the players a laudable experience as they eagerly expect the spinning roulette balls to pinpoint the pockets wherein they have vested interests.

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold: Game Review
Multi Wheel Roulette Gold takes after the European Roulette in terms of the numbers used. In this light, its betting grid layout has numbers 1 to 36 and a “0” at the left fringe. However, unlike the standard variant whose equivalent digits appear once on the roulette wheel, Multi Wheel Roulette Gold’s eight activable roulette wheels have eight sets of numbers equivalent to those on the grid.

The playing procedure involves pressing a betting chip, pressing anywhere on the betting grid—or on the racetrack, which is accessed via the icon at the top left of the grid—then pressing “Spin”. Activating all wheels multiplies the bet by eight, so Multi Wheel Roulette Gold players should disable the unneeded wheels; this step is crucial because the game is set to activate all roulette wheels by default after loading. To disable/enable a wheel, simply position the cursor over a virtual wheel then click over it. Number of active roulette wheels, the wheel bet, and total bet are showed at the bottom right.

The gaming chips of Multi Wheel Roulette Gold are at the bottom left and valued at $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, and $50. The minimum bet in Multiple Wheel Roulette Gold is $1.00, and the maximum bet is $200.00; however, any attempt at stacking chips exceeding $10.00 on lone numbers is countered with “max bet reached”.

The payouts in Multi Wheel Roulette Gold are 35:1, 17:1, 11:1, 8:1, and 5:1 for Straight Up, Split, Street, Square, and Line bets. Column and Dozen bets offer 2:1, whereas the rest are filed as Even-Money bets, offering 1:1. Multi Wheel Roulette Gold lacks a progressive jackpot.

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold works Few roulette variants can match up with Multi Wheel Roulette Gold’s graphics. The soothing electronic beat and inaudible chatter in the background conjure up an image of lively patrons in a busy land casino. Multi Wheel Roulette Gold has several customizable features, ranging from the game itself to sounds to autoplay.

For examples, quickening the spins and setting the number (1 to 8) of neighbours; disabling/enabling various sounds such as win sounds; and setting the number (2, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25) of automated game rounds or automatically stopping the autoplay after winning over $25.00. The best customizable thing in Multi Wheel Roulette Gold is the “Expert” feature, where players can edit the game’s layout by choosing from eight layouts.

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold: Strategy
Multi Wheel Roulette Gold’s RTP and house edge are 97.30% and 2.70%, respectively. Although a game of chance, Multi Wheel Roulette Gold players should consider the number of enabled roulette wheels as this greatly determines the odds.

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