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Chinese Roulette

No doubt the casino operators and players in English-speaking countries, particularly the US and Europe, are the main target market of roulette game developers; this explains why there are dominant roulette variants aptly named American roulette and European roulette.

The two aforementioned variants are designed to disregard the Chinese market, which is arguably the dominant gaming hub worldwide. A Brighton-based gaming company named 1X2 Gaming identified and cashed in on this gaming gap in the international gaming market through its Chinese players-oriented roulette variant called Chinese Roulette. For all its localized gaming experience, Chinese Roulette, which was released in April 2013, is a tweaked version of a roulette variant called Astro Roulette.

Chinese Roulette has a touch of meteorological seasons, gives credence to Chinese zodiac, and borrows from the alchemy-oriented classical elements. These creatively combined themes entertain the players who spin the roulette wheel and look forward to seeing it stop in their favourite spots.

Chinese Roulette: Game Review
Just like in Astro Roulette, Chinese Roulette has 21 symbols. Four of these symbols are derived from the classical elements namely Water, Air, Fire and Earth; these symbols are along the bottommost column in the Sign Board (it is below the roulette wheel), but separated by the Positive and Negative icons. Another set of four symbols in Chinese Roulette, which are blue-colored and form the second column from the bottom, are derived from the meteorological seasons; from left to right: these are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

The third set, which is at the top of the Sign Board and sub-divided into four rows, has twelve symbols as found in the Chinese zodiac. The names are in a descending order, and their corresponding names and symbols in the wheel occupy three pockets each, thereby contributing to 36 out of its 37 pockets; the remaining one pocket offers advantage gambling to the casino operators.

In the first row there are Tiger, Rabbit, and Dragon. Second row has Snake, Horse, and Goat. Third row has Monkey, Rooster, and Dog. The fourth row has Pig, Rat, and Ox. These Chinese zodiac symbols in Chinese Roulette substitute for the Western astrology symbols that are used in the twin variant Astro Roulette. There is an exclusive Infinity symbol, which is an 8 turned sideways and replaces the “0” spot.

Chinese Roulette does not support phones and tablets. To load and play it on a desktop computer, players select the chips (from 0.25 to 100 values), identify their favourite symbols, and press the green “SPIN” icon. The wheel rotates and any winnings are remunerated accordingly. The minimum bet is 0.25 and table limit is 200.00.

The pay table in Chinese Roulette offers the following. The sideward 8 offers 35:1 and pinpointing any zodiac symbol offers 11:1, whereas 5:1 is for betting on any two neighboring symbols. A combination bet of 8 and any other two symbols offers 4:1. Any season bet or element bet have 3:1. Successful bets on any of the four rows offer 2:1, just like a square bet (four symbols). Bets on Positive or Negative offer 1:1. Note that the inside bets and outside bets are not partitioned. Chinese Roulette uses Flash technology and has attractive 3D animation.

Chinese Roulette: Strategy
Chinese Roulette’s RTP and house edge are 97.3% and 2.7%, respectively. Although this is a game of chance, basket bet should be avoided because the relatively low odds for 8 and two more symbols is not worth the hype.

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