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How do you use the Martingale Betting System at Pai Gow?

I like pai gow poker, I really do. It’s one of the few casinos games where you really have to think hard about your actions, how you’re going to split your hand and how you’re going to play your joker, if you’re lucky enough to get dealt one.

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So, how do you go about making the game even more fun? Well, you could always try employing a betting system when playing. There are lots of betting systems out there, but since there is a lot to think about when playing pai gow poker, it’s probably a lot easier just to stick to the simplest betting system of all, which is probably the Martingale Betting System. It should be noted that while the Martingale Betting System is easy to use, it’s most effective when playing a game with even money payouts, which pai gow isn’t, sadly, because all hands won are liable to a commission, a bit like when playing baccarat. However, as long as you’re aware of this when you start using the Martingale Betting System when playing pai gow poker, you’ll be fine!

The basis of the Martingale Betting System is that you’re more likely to win after a loss. Now, we all know that this idea is a lot of rubbish, but it’s why the system goes the way it does. The system has the principle that you double your bet every time you lose until you’ve won 1 betting unit, then you start all over again. So, the idea is that you’ll win back any loses before you make the inevitable 1 unit score.

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We’ll stick with low betting stakes in our pai gow poker example, so we’ll start with $1 bets. Obviously if you’re used to betting more per hand, you should do so, but we’ll keep the stakes low here, because bigger numbers might start to confuse me and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that!

So, our first hand, we’ll bet $1 and we managed to split our hand into one pair and Ace-high. Unfortunately, the dealer somehow pulled out three-of-a-kind and a pair to beat us. Damn you, dealer!

Because we lost our first bet, the Martingale Betting System states we have to double our bet, so our next bet is going to be $2. Again, we’re lucky and we split our hand into one pair and Ace-high. This time, we get a bit luckier and the dealer has a better one pair, but our Ace-high beats his King-high. So this is a push.

Now, if the hand goes to a push, we simply stick to our previous stake, because we’ve still not made our profit of 1 unit. Remember, we’ve only lost $1, so if our $2 wager wins, we make $2 (minus commission) and we’re in profit and we can start again.

Sadly, though, our next hand is terrible and the dealer crushes us. So we’ve now lost $3 and since our last wager was $2, we go up to $4. Remember, if we keep losing, the stake gets double, so should we lose this hand, it’s $8, then $16, then $32 and so on. I’m sure you can do the math to see how far you might have to wager.

But on this occasion, we get lucky and our hand beats the dealer and we win! Now, remember, the commission has to come off this $4 win, so we’ve actually won $3.75.

With our $3.75 win, we’re in profit to the tune of 75 cents! Of course, if you were betting $10, that would be $7.50 profit and so on. The problem is that the traditional Martingale Betting System starts you should go back to the start once you’re in one unit of profit. However, it doesn’t take into account games with a commission on even money payouts. In the case of pai gow poker, I think it’s safe to say that once you’ve made a profit, you should bank it and start from the beginning of the system again. So, back to $1 and you start the system all over again.

The thing with the Martingale Betting System is that at some point you’re going to be wagering a lot of your bankroll just to make 1 unit of profit. Can you honestly imagine wagering $512 to win $1? How about $5,120 to win $10? It’s an insane betting system when you look at it that way, because if you go on a losing run, there is no guarantee that you’re going to win any time soon and the wagers start to increase rapidly.

But if you want to try the Martingale Betting System when playing pai gow poker, you can head on over to Slotland Casino, where they have great pai gow poker games and a great sign-up bonus that you can try the Martingale Betting System out with. However, if you have a look around Casino Answers, you’ll find some great betting systems that you can also use to play pai gow poker with and that might be a bit more fun than the Martingale Betting System. The Martingale Betting System isn’t fun and we think you should probably avoid it at all costs.

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