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What is the Martingale Betting System?

The Martingale Betting System is the most popular betting strategy when it comes to playing at casinos, and is most commonly used while playing the game of Roulette, although can be adapted for virtually every other casino game, online or offline.
Play at this years #1 online casino for United States - Slots.LV.How the Martingale Betting System works is simple and we will use Roulette as an example for this. You, the gambler, decide to always bet on black. So you take $1. You bet on black. It comes up black, and you win. Whenever you win, you continue to bet $1. However where the Martingale Betting System comes in, is that when you lose you double your bet, and you keep doubling your bet when you lose until you win.

So for example: You bet $1 and lose. You will then bet $2. If you win, you go back to $1. If you lose, you then have to bet $4. Lose the $4 bet? It’s $8. Lose the $8 bet? Bet $16. Then $32. Then $64. $128. $256. $512. $1024. $2048. And so on, and so on, until you finally win one of these bets, then you resort back to $1.

In theory it seems like a winning system – however it really is not. If you start off betting $1, then the roulette ball cannot land on a black number for 12 spins for you to have to bet $2,048. The problem is people ignore mathematics – they think “what are the odds of not winning 1 in 12? It’s preposterous!” and people thus use the Martingale Betting System, thinking that eventually it will turn up black.

However each spin is independent of the other. There’s as much chance as the Roulette wheel turning up red 12 times in a row, as there is the Roulette wheel turning up red, black, black, black, red, red, black, red, red, black, black, red. The only way one can actually win with the Martingale System is if they have an infinite bankroll. Hell, you’re never going to find a casino with unlimited table limits, so even if you’re a billionaire, eventually you’re going to get stuck.

Plus think about it – in effect, at some point you will be betting $2048 to win $1. $2048 to win $1!

If you want to try it out for yourself – you can try it out for free at Rockbet Casino. Use their play money tables, load up Roulette and start using the Martingale System, and see just how long it actually lasts. Click here to visit Rockbet.

If you want to save some time, the website okthen.com/martingale/ conducted tests. They used a java program that simulated 10,000 Roulette Wheel spins, and compared the Martingale System of Flat Betting. Here’s what happened after one million iterations of this simulation:

martingale vs flat betting

As you can see – the Martingale just isn’t going to work. It may work short-term, for example here is one iteration where the Martingale System worked out better than flat betting:

martingale vs flat betting

However long-term, the Martingale System is going to lose you your whole bankroll, and you’re going to end up broke.

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Additional Martingale Betting System Questions:

Why does the Martingale System Suck?

The Martingale System sucks because quite frankly – you’re going to lose money. Even worse – it’s not even a fun betting system! There are a lot of fun betting systems out there, like the base five progressive betting system, or the D’Alembert betting system. What’s wrong with the Martingale Betting System is that you’re going to be sitting there at one point betting $2048 just to win a lousy dollar. And sorry, but that just sucks.

What is the history of the Martingale Betting System?

The Martingale System is a system made famous in 18th century france, based on a game of heads and tails. The gambler if they lose their stake would simply double their bet, and keep doubling their bet until they won. The concept of the Martingale Betting System was created by French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy, to show that there is no such thing as a successful betting strategy.

Do casinos let you use the Martingale Betting System?

Yes. You can use the martingale betting system at any live casino and any online casino. Please note that if you declare at a live casino that you are going to be using the Martingale Betting System, it may be hard for the pit boss to wipe the smile off their face.

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