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What is the Best Poker Room for Mac?

Online poker for the Mac has really grown in the last few years. There was a time where Mac players couldn’t play online poker at all – or at least, without emulating Windows on their machine.

Thankfully that time has passed, and now we are seeing more and more online poker rooms offer a Mac client.

Now asking what the “best online poker room for Mac” is, is actually quite a loaded question. With so many options, there are so many more things to consider than just the software. So let’s get the obvious answer out of the way first:

Best Poker Site for Mac:

Best Poker Rooms

If you’re an American or based in the United States of America, go with Carbon Poker.

If you’re living outside the USA – that’s Europe, Canada, Australia etc – then your best bet is with Carbon Poker.

If you’re looking for the best overall poker room for Mac, then those are the best rooms. However there are quite a few other options(well, for non-US players) so I’m going to break down all the rooms and help you choose.

We’ll do it by region. First up – Americans:

Best American Poker Site for Mac:

Honestly – Carbon Poker is the only real choice for Mac users in the USA. There ARE other choices for Americans – but none of them come close to Carbon Poker in terms of quality.

First of all – the software is great. Really really good. It’s had a lot of upgrades and it runs very smoothly. This isn’t your “half-assed” attempt to make it Mac-compatible; Carbon have a whole development team on their software and it shows.

Second – everything about Carbon Poker is great. They have great traffic, great game selection, a wide variety of games(like mixed games etc). They offer a ton of tournaments including freerolls, satellites and bounty tournaments. On top of that they offer all Mac players a bonus of $600 for signing up at them.

Americans – there’s no other choice. Carbon Poker all the way.

Best Poker Site for Mac: Non-Americans

Okay – the best Poker site for Americans was an easy one – for Mac users outside America it’s a BIT more tricky.

First of all – as we said, our overall #2 poker site for Mac users is Pokerstars. If you’ve never heard of Pokerstars – well, they’re the worlds biggest online poker room. By far. They have arguably the best software out there. They offer a 100% to $600 bonus for new users(although it takes awhile to play enough hands to get it), they have a sick VIP program(again – this is only for the players who play a lot). Really – Pokerstars are pretty much #1. Hell, they even offer it on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch these days. It’s on Android too.

So if you’re looking for that – Pokerstars is what you want.

But there are a few other options.

The next biggest contender for the best Mac Poker Room is Party Poker. Party Poker are a huge poker room that have been around since 2001. They offer a lot of incredible promotions, and are generally known for the “fish” – aka the bad players. You’d be surprised at the difference in skill level between players on Pokerstars and players on Party Poker.

Their mac poker software is top-notch too.

The other option is 888 Poker. Their software isn’t as good, but all Mac Users get $8 free to play there – so you get to try out their room for free. Can’t beat that, right? And they also have bad players, and a solid rewards structure.

There ARE other Mac Poker rooms – but honestly if you are looking for the best poker room for the Mac, then you shouldn’t consider any rooms EXCEPT any of the above listed poker rooms.

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What Poker Rooms can I play on my iPad? Can I play online poker on my iPhone?

Your only option at the moment for playing online poker on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch is the Party Poker iOS Client.

Do any Mac Poker Rooms offer a No Deposit Bonus?

Yes! 888 Poker offer an $8 No Deposit Bonus for all Mac players.

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