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Full Tilt Poker Review

Featured Full Tilt Poker User Review by “charleswhitmore”

Full Tilt Poker is without a shadow of a doubt the best online poker room I have ever played it. It’s amazing to see how the online poker world has evolved from the days of Planet Poker and Paradise Poker back in 2000, and the cream of the crop is Full Tilt.

Top No Deposit Bonuses

Everything about Full Tilt is amazing. The promotions, the rewards, the graphics, the game selection…everything. Highest recommendation I could give – play there!

Full Tilt Poker Games Review

Wow, where do we start with the games selection at Full Tilt Poker? It’s safe to say that no matter what type of player you are, Full Tilt have the games to support you.

First of all, they have all the basic games you’d find at any online poker room like Texas Hold’Em, Omaha and 7 Card Stud. Full Tilt offers all the different variations of these games in fixed limit, no limit and pot limit formats. Full Tilt also offers the games in heads up formats, and covers a variety of limits from the microstakes player to the high stakes giants. When it comes to Stud, you can also play it in Hi/Lo format and Razz, while Omaha of course offers both high and high-low formats.

Full Tilt also offers the infamous Rush Poker. Rush Poker is the super fast game available for both Holdem & Omaha. How it works is simple: you get a hand you don’t like? No need to wait around. Simply click “fold” and immediately move to another table and get dealt another hand! So you can just instantly keep clicking “fold” until you get a hand that you want to play.

We’re not finished yet. Full Tilt also offers the classic game of draw, with ridiculous variations. You have 2-7 Triple Draw in fixed limit and no limit, as well as no limit 2-7 Single Draw. Then there’s 5 Card Draw. Five Card Draw is available in Fixed, Pot and No Limit. There’s also Badugi, and one of our favourites: A-5 Triple Draw.

Yet we’re still not done! Full Tilt also offers mix games with all of the aforementioned games in various formats. You have 7-Game, 8-Game, 9-Game and 10-Game. You also have HA, HEROS, HO, HOE, HORSE, HOSE, OA, OE and SE.

I think it’s safe to say whatever you’re looking to play, you’ll find it at Full Tilt.

Full Tilt Poker Software Review

The software at Full Tilt is phenomenal. It is very fast, and they are constantly updating it based on user critiques to offer the best user experience. The games themselve graphically look fantastic, and you can customize the look and many other features within the software. Full Tilt also offers a very detailed filter setup so you can easily find the games you want to play. Full Tilt also offers both a basic and advanced view.

Just some of the options you can customize in Full Tilt are animations, avatars, four colour cards, bet amounts, pot totals and auto muck hands or auto center. The amount of work that has gone into the Full Tilt software is amazing, and you can tell they really care about the players experience.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus Review

Full Tilt offer a 100% to $600 signup bonus. This is a bonus which you can clear at both cash games and tournaments. If you deposit $600 you’ll get the full $600 bonus, or if you deposit $50 you would get a $50 bonus and so on. The bonus isn’t instant; you clear it in increments. If you play $2/$4 or above it’s a lot easier to clear than at lower limits. However you will also earn Full Tilt Points which will allow you to buy merchandise in the Full Tilt store.

All new depositors also earn entry to an exclusive $10,000 freeroll.

Full Tilt Poker Promotions/Player Rewards Review

Full Tilt offer a variety of incredible promotions for the player. Their loyalty program is probably the best on the internet where you earn points and can spend them in the Full Tilt store. Even better, Full Tilt offers “Happy Hour” where you can get 2x or 3x the points. Their store has an amazing selection including tournament tickets, clothing, video cameras, Ipods and even motorbikes and cars!

Full Tilt also offers various other player reward promotions like “Iron Man” and the exclusive black card VIP program.

Full Tilt Poker Customer Support Review

Full Tilt Poker offer just e-mail support. While I personally have never had a problem with their support, I do know of many others who have. The issues are mainly delays in responses to e-mails.

Full Tilt Poker Tournaments Review

Full Tilt Poker offers a wild variety of tournaments at all buy-ins. Rush Poker tournaments, Steps tournaments, Matrix Tournaments, Satellites and Guaranteed Prizepools are just some of the tournaments you will find at Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt also offer the FTOPS – Full Tilt Online Poker Series – which is a famous series of tournaments with huge prize pools and over $30 million guaranteed.

Full Tilt Poker Traffic Review

Traffic wise, Full Tilt Poker is second best on the internet. You can find traffic at all time at all hours at Full Tilt Poker, in practically any game you want.

Additional Full Tilt Poker Reviews

Steve Jones submitted this review on May 17th, 2009:

Howard Lederer. Phil Ivey. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson. Mike Matusow. John Juanda. Erik Seidel. No, this isn’t me just trying out my “WSOP Fantasy Final Table”, this is a list of just some of the many professional poker players that both play at, and endorse Full Tilt Poker. Here is another Full Tilt Poker Review at Ultimate Poker Search.

With both a PC and Mac Client, games not available at any other sites, slick software, lots of guaranteed tournaments, some excellent monthly promotions and the possibility to play against Clonie Gowen at $10 NL, or John D’Agostino at $100/$200 limit, Full Tilt is the kind of site you’d like to buy stocks in.

May Promotions: 100% to $600 sign-up bonus. 50% to $300 reload. Major event satellites.

Full Tilt Poker Software: The software and graphics are unique in the industry; with large cartoonish avatars representing each player, allowing you to choose from over thirty characters. The lobby is simple to use with a nice layout, categorized well, and refreshes instantly. Unlike other poker rooms, Full Tilt Poker’s full ring Hold’Em games have 9 players as opposed to 10. The software is highly customizable, with the ability to change the backgrounds, turn the avatars on and off, choose where you sit(with the table rotating for you), four colour deck and many other features that allow you to play at Full Tilt Poker the way you want.

Full Tilt Poker Traffic: GMT Peak Time: 4000 EST Peak Time: 10,000. Full Tilt have grown fast, and their traffic is mostly for Hold’Em, and Tournaments. poker traffic rating

Full Tilt Poker Game Variety: Along with the usual Hold’Em / Omaha / 7 Card Stud combo with hi/lo and pot limit/no limit variations, Full Tilt have two games offered by almost no other online poker room: Razz, and HORSE. Razz, offered in MTT, SNG and cash game format, is a popular lowball game, with A2345 being the best hand, straights and flushes don’t count. HORSE is available in SNG & MTT format, and is a mix of (H)old-Em, (O)maha, (R)azz, (S)tud, (E)ight-or-better, with the latter being Stud Hi/Lo. You can find all this information in our poker game rules section. Full Tilt Poker also offer a Tier program, where you can buy into a tournament for $6.60 and satellite your way into almost $400! Full Tilt have lots of cash games, short-handed games, SNGs, tournaments around the clock of different variety and price, and there’s always a game to play… you might even get lucky, and get to play with one of the pros!

Full Tilt Poker Fish Factor: Full Tilt is known as a “No Limit” site for a reason; their no limit cash games can at times be some of the fishiest on the internet, especially their 6-max NLHE Games. Their tournaments, including the large guarantees, are full of plenty of fish and predictable players, and can be very lucrative…..quadruple that if a pro is playing. All their other game variants, especially HORSE and Razz, are also very fishy.

Full Tilt Poker Bonuses: Full Tilt offer a 100% to $600 sign-up bonus, and every two months offer a monthly reload of 50% to $300. Their bonus is best cleared at $2/$4 and above, although you can also clear it at Single & Multi Table Tournaments too at a good rate, something not available at most other sites. Playing 1 table of $1/$2 limit Hold’Em would clear at approximately $5 an hour.

Full Tilt Poker Freerolls: Full Tilt will run daily freerolls usually for $20, and sometimes a pro will play in the freeroll. Yep, the chance to match wits with the likes of Chris Ferguson for free.

Full Tilt Poker VIP Club / Loyalty Rewards: Although not yet officially a VIP Club, Full Tilt Poker runs VIP Freeroll Tournaments each month. There are three tournaments, and the top 1500 Full Tilt Point earners get entry to these tournaments. Top 1-500 are in a $28,000 VIP Freeroll, 501-1000 in $15,000 VIP freeroll, and 1001-1500 into a $7k VIP Freeroll. You can also spend your Full Tilt points in the Full Tilt store, which has a very large selection of merchandise. Full Tilt also run other loyalty-based programs, for example they recently ran the Iron Man promotion, where if you earn 50 Full Tilt points for 30 consecutive days, you gained entry to a special freeroll

Full Tilt Poker Support: We have never had any problems with Full Tilt, who offer 24/7 support via e-mail, and their support staff are fast to respond, and always on top of the ball, ready and willing to assist. However we have read on forums of a lot of slow response times, particularly in regard to locked account issues.

Full Tilt Poker Deposit/Withdrawal Options: Neteller, ePassporte, Firepay, Money transfer, eMoney ransfer, Visa, Mastercard, Click2Pay, MyWebATM. Neteller withdrawals processed within 24-48 hours. E-mail if you need the money faster.

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    Additional Questions:

    What games do Full Tilt Poker offer?

    Full Tilt Poker offer a variety of different poker games to match your need. The standard games offered on all poker sites are available at Full Tilt Poker, like Texas Hold’Em, Omaha and 7 Card Stud. These are all offered in a variety of formats, like cash games, tournaments, no limit, limit, pot limit, and Hi/Lo variations.

    Along with the standard games, Full Tilt Poker also offer Razz, which is a 7 Card Stud variant based purely on low cards. HORSE is also available at Full Tilt Poker – which is Horse, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Stud Eight or Better. There are also other options available like HA which is Pot Limit Hold’Em, and Pot Limit Omaha.

    The final offering Full Tilt Poker have is 7-Game. This is a game that changes every 10 hands, and has the following games: Limit Hold’Em, Limit Stud Hi/Lo, Limit Razz, Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, Limit Stud Hi, No Limit Hold’Em and Pot Limit Omaha Hi.

    Do Full Tilt Poker have a deposit bonus for new players?

    Full Tilt Poker offer a 100% to $600 match signup bonus on your first deposit at Full Tilt. This means that whatever amount you deposit up to $600, you will get a poker bonus that exactly matches it. Before you actually get the bonus however you have to play at Full Tilt Poker and earn Full Tilt points which will clear the bonus.

    For every 16.66 points you earn by playing poker at Full Tilt, you clear $1 in the bonus. So you need almost 10,000 Full Tilt Points to clear the full $600 bonus. Points earned during Happy Hour only count at the standard rate, not multiplied.

    What referral code should I use when signing up at Full Tilt Poker?

    When you go to create a new account at Full Tilt Poker, the registration screen asks you for a Referral Code. Use referral code FTP600 when signing up. This Full Tilt Poker referral code will make sure that you get the deposit bonus.

    Do Full Tilt Poker offer monthly reload bonuses?

    Full Tilt Poker don’t offer regular monthly reload bonuses. They will offer a reload bonus every 2-3 months, usually when they are offering something special like the FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series). They will send an e-mail to all registered players with a Full Tilt deposit bonus code, or will provide a popup when you login to the client informing you of the latest bonus.

    What is the software like at Full Tilt Poker?

    The software at Full Tilt Poker is excellent. The software at Full Tilt Poker is very easy to use, with a variety of lobby filters to make finding games very easy. You can change the way the table looks, with a “Classic” view and a “Racetrack” view. You can choose whether or not to display avatars, show full cards, and even choose your own background.

    The Full Tilt Poker software also offers options like a four colour deck, ability to ignore all chat(with a variety of filters), and options like Display Bet Amounts, Auto Muck Hands, or Display Pot Total. You can choose to turn off animations to make the software faster, and also can view hand histories, and get them e-mailed to you.

    Do Full Tilt Poker have a loyalty store or rewards program?

    Full Tilt Poker not only have a rewards program; they have one of the best reward programs online. You earn points as you play, which are called Full Tilt Points. There are also periods during the day called Full Tilt Poker Happy Hour, where players earn x2 or even x3 Full Tilt Points.

    You can use these Full Tilt Points in their online store, where you can exchange them for a variety of merchandise. Merchandise includes Ipods, Laptops, LCD TVs, Digital Cameras, Poker Tables, Poker Chips, Decks of Cards, Books, DVDs, and even a Harley-Davidson Night Train!

    Do Full Tilt Poker have a Refer A Friend program?

    Yes they do. Full Tilt Poker have an excellent refer a friend program, where you earn cash for referring your friends to Full Tilt. Both you and your friend will earn $115.

    When your friend earns their first 500 Full Tilt Points(or FTPs), you both will get $20 deposited into your account. There are then 3 other milestones for every 500 FTPs. The next 500 FTPs will earn you both $25, then $30, and finally $40.

    Your friend can also take advantage of Full Tilt Pokers deposit bonus as well as the refer a friend bonus.

    Do Full Tilt Poker have a Bad Beat Jackpot or High Hand Jackpot?

    Full Tilt Poker do not offer any sort of progressive jackpots.

    What countries and nationalities can play at Full Tilt Poker? Can Americans play at Full Tilt Poker?

    All countries and nationalities can play at Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt Poker is a US friendly poker room and has no country or nationality restrictions at this time.

    How do I deposit money into Full Tilt Poker?

    Full Tilt Poker offer a variety of deposit options, depending on what country you live in. Full Tilt Poker deposit options include credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, Instadebit, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, Moneybookers, WebMoney and Cash Transfer.

    How do I withdraw money from Full Tilt Poker?

    You can only withdraw money from Full Tilt Poker via a method that you have previously deposited with. In the case of Mastercard deposits, you will have to request a cheque. You can withdraw money from Full Tilt Poker via Moneybookers, Click2Pay, Instadebit and ClickandBuy. You can also get money put back on your Visa.

    Do Full Tilt Poker offer private tournaments?

    Yes. You can set up private tournaments at Full Tilt Poker to play with your friends. This is not built-in to the software however – you have to e-mail and request a tournament. Tournaments must have a buy-in and rake.

    Can you transfer money to other players at Full Tilt Poker?

    Yes. Full Tilt Poker offers the ability to transfer money to other players. The minimum transfer amount is $5, and both users must have all their account registration details filled out. The person transferring funds must have a successful deposit history.

    What is Full Tilt Pokers customer support like? How do I contact Full Tilt Poker?

    Full Tilt Poker only offer e-mail support. In our experience, support e-mails were handled promptly and with satisfactory resolution. You can e-mail Full Tilt support at and they are available 24/7. If you need help with deposits, withdrawals, transfers or anything else related to money, you can e-mail

    Are Full Tilt Poker trustworthy? Is my money secure at Full Tilt Poker?

    Full Tilt Poker is a poker room that we trust completely. When it comes to player security, you have the ability to login with your player ID or e-mail address, so can choose to login with a secret e-mail address to minimize the chance of being hacked by a player whose aces you cracked. You can also set up a 3 Card Pin as additional authentication to access your account. Full Tilt also offers a login history, where you can see attempts at logging into your account, successes and failures, with a list of the date and time, as well as the IP address.

    What Languages is Full Tilt Poker available on?

    The Full Tilt Poker software is available in a variety of languages. Full Tilt Poker is available in English, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portuges Brasiliero, Suomi and Svenska.

    Revisión de Full Tilt Poker

    ¿Dónde puedo descargar Full Tilt Poker?

    Puede descargar Full Tilt Poker aquí. Este enlace le permitirá jugar tanto de manera gratuita, o con dinero, si lo desea.

    ¿Qué juegos ofrece Full Tilt Poker?

    Full Tilt Poker ofrece una variedad de juegos de poker diferentes acorde a sus necesidades. Los juegos estándar ofrecido a todos los sitios de póker disponibles en Full Tilt Poker, como Texas Hold’em, Omaha y 7 Card Stud. Todos estos son ofrecidos en una variedad de formatos, como los juegos de dinero en efectivo, los torneos, sin límite, límite, límite de bote, y Hi / Lo variaciones.

    Junto con los juegos estándar, Full Tilt Poker también ofrece Razz, que es una variante de 7 Card Stud basada puramente en cartas bajas. CABALLO también está disponible en Full Tilt Poker – que es a caballo, Omaha, Razz, Stud y Stud Eight or Better. También hay otras opciones disponibles como el HA que es Pot Limit Hold’em y Pot Limit Omaha.

    La oferta final que Full Tilt Poker tiene es 7-Game. Este es un juego que cambia cada 10 manos, y tiene los siguientes juegos: Limit Hold’em, Limit Stud Hi / Lo, Razz Limit, Limit Omaha Hi / Lo, Stud Hi Limit, No Limit Hold’em y Pot Limit Omaha Hi.

    ¿Tiene Full Tilt Poker un bono de depósito para nuevos jugadores?

    Full Tilt Poker ofrece un bono de 100% a 600 dólares suscripción partido en su primer depósito en Full Tilt. Esto significa que cualquier cantidad que usted deposita hasta $ 600, usted recibirá un bono de póker que es exactamente lo partidos. Antes de que usted reciba el bono sin embargo usted tiene que jugar en Full Tilt Poker y ganar puntos Full Tilt que el bono.

    Por cada 16,66 puntos que usted gana jugando al póker en Full Tilt, que se borra $ 1 en el bono. Por lo que necesita cerca de 10.000 Puntos Full Tilt para liberar el bono completo $ 600. Los puntos obtenidos durante el Happy Hour contar sólo con el tipo normal, no se multiplica.

    ¿Qué código de referencia se debe utilizar al registrarse en Full Tilt Poker?

    Cuando usted va a crear una nueva cuenta en Full Tilt Poker, la pantalla de registro le pide un código de referencia. Utilice el código de referencia FTP600 al registrarse. Este código de referencia de Full Tilt Poker se asegurará de que usted obtenga el bono de depósito.

    ¿Ofrece Full Tilt Poker bonos mensuales de recarga?

    Full Tilt Poker no ofrece bonos de recarga mensuales regulares. Se ofrecerá un bono de recarga cada 2-3 meses, por lo general cuando se ofrece algo especial, como la FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series). Se enviará un correo electrónico a todos los jugadores registrados con un código de bono de Full Tilt, o que proporcionen una ventana emergente cuando se conecta al cliente informándole de los últimos bonos.

    ¿Qué es el software como en Full Tilt Poker?

    El software de Full Tilt Poker es excelente. El software de Full Tilt Poker es muy fácil de usar, con una variedad de filtros de presión a hacer juegos para encontrar muy fácil. Puede cambiar la forma en la mesa se ve, con un “clásico” a la vista y una vista “pista de carreras”. Usted puede elegir si desea o no mostrar los avatares, mostrar tarjetas a todo, e incluso elegir su propio fondo.

    El software de Full Tilt Poker también ofrece opciones como una baraja de cuatro colores, la habilidad para ignorar todos los “chat” (con una variedad de filtros), y opciones como pantalla cantidades apostadas, Auto Muck manos, o la pantalla total del bote. Puede optar por desactivar las animaciones para hacer el software más rápido, y también puede ver el historial de manos, y hacer que su correo electrónico de usted.

    ¿Tiene Full Tilt Poker una tienda de lealtad o un programa de premios?

    Full Tilt Poker no sólo tienen un programa de recompensas, tiene uno de los mejores programas en línea de la recompensa. Usted gana puntos a medida que juega, que se denominan Puntos Full Tilt. También hay períodos en el día llamado Full Tilt Poker Happy Hour, donde los jugadores ganan x2 o incluso x3 Puntos Full Tilt.

    Puede utilizar estos Puntos Full Tilt en su tienda online, donde puedes canjearlos por una variedad de mercancías. Mercancía incluye Ipods, Laptops, televisores LCD, cámaras digitales, mesas de póker, fichas de póker, juegos de cartas, libros y DVDs, e incluso una Harley-Davidson Night Train!

    ¿Tiene Full Tilt Poker un programa Refiere un amigo?

    Sí . Full Tilt Poker tiene una excelente referencia de un programa amigo, en el que ganar dinero por recomendar a tus amigos a Full Tilt. Tanto usted como su amigo ganan $ 115.

    Cuando su amigo gane sus primeros 500 Puntos Full Tilt (o FTPs), ambos recibiréis 20 dólares depositados en su cuenta. Hay otros hitos luego 3 por cada 500 FTPs. Los siguientes 500 FTPs le hará ganar tanto $ 25, entonces 30 dólares y, finalmente, $ 40.

    Su amigo también puede tomar ventaja de la inclinación completa bono de depósito juegos de póker, así como el invitar un amigo.

    ¿Tiene Full Tilt Poker un Bad Beat Jackpot o un High Hand Jackpot?

    Full Tilt Poker no ofrecen ningún tipo de jackpots progresivos. Si usted está buscando para jugar al poker en una habitación que ofrece un premio mayor, le recomendamos leer nuestra reseña de Fortune Poker, como Fortune Poker ofrece un premio fantástico bad beat.

    ¿Qué países y nacionalidades pueden jugar en Full Tilt Poker? ¿Pueden los estadounidenses jugar en Full Tilt Poker?

    Todos los países y nacionalidades pueden jugar en Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt Poker es una sala de póker que no tiene restricciones de país o nacionalidad en este momento.

    ¿Cómo puedo depositar dinero en Full Tilt Poker?

    Full Tilt Poker ofrece una variedad de opciones de depósito, dependiendo del país que vica Full Tilt Poker incluyen opciones de depósito tarjetas de crédito como Visa y Mastercard, Instadebit, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, Moneybookers, WebMoney y Transferencia de Efectivo.

    ¿Cómo puedo retirar dinero en Full Tilt Poker?

    Sólo puede retirar dinero de Full Tilt Poker a través de un método que ya ha depositado en poder. En el caso de los depósitos Mastercard, usted tendrá que solicitar un cheque. Usted puede retirar dinero de Full Tilt Poker a través de Moneybookers, Click2Pay, Instadebit y ClickandBuy. Usted también puede obtener dinero vuelve a poner en su tarjeta Visa.

    ¿Ofrece Full Tilt Poker torneos privados?

    Sí. Puede montar un torneo privado en Full Tilt Poker para jugar con tus amigos. Esto no es integrada en el software sin embargo envie un e-mail y solicite un torneo.

    ¿Se puede transferir dinero a otros jugadores en Full Tilt Poker?

    Sí. Full Tilt Poker ofrece la posibilidad de transferir dinero a otros jugadores. La cantidad mínima de transferencia es de $ 5, y tanto los usuarios deben tener todos sus detalles de registro de cuenta completa. La persona que la transferencia de fondos debe tener un historial de depósitos satisfactorio.

    ¿Qué es Full Tilt Póker de atención al cliente, como? ¿Cómo puedo contactar con Full Tilt Poker?

    Full Tilt Poker ofrece sólo e-mail. En nuestra experiencia, soporte de e-mails fueron manejadas con prontitud y con una resolución satisfactoria. Usted puede enviar un e-mail a Full Tilt en y están disponibles 24 / 7. Si necesita ayuda con los depósitos, las transferencias de las retiradas, o cualquier cosa relacionada con el dinero, puede escribir a

    ¿Es Full Tilt Poker digno de confianza? ¿Está mi dinero seguro en Full Tilt Poker?

    Full Tilt Poker es una sala de póker que confiamos por completo. Cuando se trata de seguridad del jugador, usted tiene la posibilidad de acceder con su reproductor de identidad o dirección de correo electrónico, por lo que puede optar por ingresar con una dirección de correo electrónico secreto para reducir al mínimo la posibilidad de ser hackeado por un jugador al que se tronaba los ases. También puede crear un PIN de la tarjeta como autenticación adicional para acceder a su cuenta. Full Tilt también ofrece una historia de inicio de sesión, donde se pueden ver los intentos de acceder a su cuenta, los éxitos y fracasos, con una lista de la fecha y hora, así como la dirección IP.

    ¿En qué idiomas está disponible Full Tilt Poker?

    El software de Full Tilt Poker está disponible en una variedad de idiomas. Full Tilt Poker está disponible en Inglés, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Francés, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portuges Brasileiro, Suomi y Svenska

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    Is Full Tilt dead, Full Tilt maintenance message, why can’t I log into Full Tilt, is Full Tilt down?

    How do you search for a player on Full Tilt Poker?

    Full Tilt Poker allows you to search for a player, and see where they are currently seated. This is a great feature if you are looking for a fish that you hit for $1k the previous night, or if you just want to see if any of your friends are playing. Not too many poker rooms actually have this feature – Cake Poker are one that don’t – although really to find fish there you just have to sit down at a table and you’ll be surrounded by them! For more information on Cake Poker, read our Cake Poker Review.

    To search for a player on Full Tilt Poker, log into the client. Once logged in, you can either use the shortcut CTRL+F or choose the drop-down menu Requests followed by choosing Find A Player….

    This will bring up a box where you can enter a players name, and see if they are currently sitting at any poker tables. If you search for a username that doesn’t exist, the software will tell you the ID doesn’t exist. If you search for a player and they are not currently sitting at any Full Tilt Poker tables, it will inform you that they are not sitting at any tables. It will not inform you whether they are logged in or not.

    If you search for a player that is currently sitting at a poker table on Full Tilt, or are registered in any Full Tilt Poker tournaments, it will list all the tables that this player is currently sitting at. You can then double click on any of these tables and it will immediately open up the table for you.

    What is Full Tilt Rush Poker?

    Bovada released a new product called “Rush Poker” recently, which allows players to have non-stop action in their cash games. Basically, players are put into a giant pool and once you decide to fold your hand, you are sent to a different table where you can immediately start your next hand. You never need to watch others continue a hand once you’re out. To play even faster, you can use the “Quick Fold” button to move to a new table for the next hand immediately.

    Can Americans play at Full Tilt Poker?

    All countries and nationalities can play at Bovada. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) has made a lot of poker players nervous but Full Tilt Poker is a US friendly poker room and has no country or nationality restrictions at this time, it is fully licensed and legal.

    What is the double deuce tournament?

    Bovada hosts the $200K Double Deuce Poker Tournament every Sunday. Players can buy in for $20, plus $2 for a chance to win the winner’s portion of a guaranteed pool of $200,000. The winner’s portion will be over $30K. The tournament takes place every Sunday at 6:22 ET. You can satellite in for as little as $.60 or 200 Full Tilt Points, which means that players could turn $.60 into $30K or more. Double Deuce is a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament and runs every week; with a nominal buy-in, a player enjoy an evening of poker and bring in a hefty jackpot.

    To register for the tournament, simply follow just a few easy steps. If this is your first time playing at this site, take the time to download Full Tilt Poker, and install the software onto your computer. Follow the steps spelled out to create an account. At this point, you will make a monetary deposit, using a credit card or an online payment method, the options of which will be delineated at the payment window. Choose the “Tournaments” tab at the top of the home window, and find the tan color-coded $200K Double Deuce Tournament. Click the “Register Now” button and get ready to play.

    Which Full Tilt Poker Academy Challenges Are Available?

    The Full Tilt Poker Academy recently launched as a way for players to improve their skill in poker and win prizes at the same time. At this time, there are 33 lessons available from the Full Tilt Pros team, with pros like Chris Ferguson, Tom Dwan, Eric Liu, Andy Black, Gus Hansen, Brandon Adams, and Jennifer Harman offering advice on everything from how to read your opponents to how to manage your bankroll. One of my favorite lessons is “6 Tips for the Serious Beginner.” The Academy also has free strategy podcasts. After studying the lessons, you can participate in any of the 30 Full Tilt Poker Academy Challenges.

    In one challenge, Ferguson asks you to examine your pre-flop play and, to complete the challenge, you have to adhere to some guidelines when you play pre-flop, such as folding ace-jack under the gun at a 9-man table. Another challenge teaches you to three-bet on the button and make your opponent fold. The challenge for Bankroll Management forces you to play games for which you are adequately bankrolled.

    If you are at a final table, you will have the opportunity to complete the Final Table Challenge. This challenge includes bluffing accurately while increasing your chip stack. To complete the challenge, win the tournament! You can also use your Bovada Academy credits to buy addition training from CardRunners. There are challenges for cash games, tournaments, and sit and gos. For completing the challenges, you are awarded credits. You can spend the credits on gear just like in the Full Tilt Points store. Bovada Academy Challenges are a great way to improve your poker game while grabbing some cool Full Tilt gear.

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