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10 Reasons You Should Play 7 Card Stud

Thinking of playing 7 Card Stud? Looking for a new game to play? 7 Card Stud is a great game, and if you’re on the fence about picking a new game then we’ve written ten reasons as to why you should make the switch to 7 Card Stud.

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10. You’re a thinking man, stud is a thinking man’s game. Consider this quote from the introduction to Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players “Seven-card stud is an extremely complicated game? How complicated? Well, it is so complicated that is probably impossible for any book written on the subject to be truly complete.” That book? 300 pages long.

9. Chicks dig stud players. Now, I don’t have any PROOF that chicks dig stud players. Let me just share this with you. The best book at seven card stud ever written is Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players. The authors of that book were David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth , and Ray Zee. You’re telling me those guys aren’t slaying chicks?

8. Because you wanted to be Billy the Kid when you were growing up. Seven card stud was the preferred poker game of many cowboys in the old west. Wild Bill Hickcock was probably the most famous of all cowboy/poker players because he was killed during a game, but pretty much all of the famous cowboys played poker. Cowboys are cool, you want to be cool don’t you?

7. Calculating odds. In games like hold em and Omaha your players cards are hidden, but in seven card stud they show four cards. Let’s say for instance we’re on fourth street and you’re holding four spades. In hold em if you had a four flush on the flop, you can figure that there are nine left in the deck that can help you. You have no way of knowing if any of the other players hold them, but in stud you can see that there are nine cards in the deck to help you and none of them are showing meaning you have a good chance of hitting. If five or six of them are showing, you’re probably better off mucking because that leaves only three or four cards that can help you. This comes in real handy when trying to calculate odds.

6. Reading hands. This goes hand and hand with #7, not only does the other players showing cards help you figure out if you can make your hand. It helps you figure out what their holding without a lot of guesswork. It’s never a good idea to guess a hand early and stick with it, but to figure out whether your opponent has a bad hand, mediocore hand, good hand or an excellent hand. Then figure out whether or not you can beat it. For more information on this check out our stud site.

5. Elitist-cool. You want to be elitist cool right? Who likes to do the same thing that everyone else does? Who doesn’t like to say that they knew a famous band “before they sold out and got popular”? Everyone likes to do that. Texas Hold Em is that band that everyone likes, Hold Em is Dave Matthews right now. Play seven card stud, be cool. Like TV on the Radio.

4. Viva variety. There is a lot of different ways to play seven card stud. Hi-Lo, Split, 8 or Better, Hi-Lo Split, High, Low. There is many different ways to play and each requires it’s own strategy. Seven card stud is a game of endless possibilities. Possibilities of making money.

3. Ante Up! If there is one thing we hate about Hold Em, it’s the blinds. They go round and round and by the time it’s your turn to post the big blind you get 6-4 off suit and someone raises the pot before you. That sucks. Everyone puts money in and after the bring in there is no checking, you either call, raise or fold. The way it should be.

2. The greatest stud player who ever lived? The greatest seven card stud player who ever lived is Red Hodges. Who is Red Hodges? I have absolutely no idea. I have done search after search on the internet for the guy and I can’t find a thing. Does he have any WSOP bracelets? No. Is there any pictures of him out there? No, only drawings. What does this mean? That in just a few years time YOU can be the greatest stud player of all time. It’s not like someone is going to come out in defense of the great Red Hodges because nobody ever saw the guy play. They didn’t even have cameras when he was playing!

1. Cash money: Pure and simple this is the best reason to play seven card stud. If you can become a great seven card player you can make more money per hand, per game, per session than you can playing limit hold em. Let’s say you normally play $10/$20 hold ‘em, but start playing $10/$20 seven card stud. In each and every hand you play there is an extra betting round. If you’re goal is to win one big hand an hour, that big hand has the potential to be $20 (or more) higher every hour.

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